Shortest and LONGEST Wait Times at Disneyland Paris

Time management is crucial when you visit Disneyland Paris. It is such an exciting place, and you must savour every delicious moment you are surrounded by such magic. To do that and have the best experience, you need to know the layout, where your favourite attractions are, where to eat, and of course, the shortest … Read more

Where To Meet Characters at Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris is the go-to place for Disney Magic in Europe. The Magic Kingdom is uniquely represented here and it’s a must-do for every single Disney fan out there. The lands and attractions are different yet eerily similar to their counterparts in the states. There are plenty of unique places to dine and lots of … Read more

Amazing Disneyland Paris Vacation Guide for 2023 Planners

Who would have thought in the mid nineties, that the failed Euro Disney park would bounce back and become a multi park resort with 8 Disney hotels and 8 partner hotels over the next 30 years?  Now Disneyland Paris is a celebrated international destination and a prized piece of the Disney Brand.  Disneyland Paris borrowed … Read more