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5 Outdoor Activities That Teach Your Child To Enjoy Nature

Loving nature gives humans compassion and ease of mind. It’s important to get your little ones to love nature from an early age and have fun while doing it too. Nowadays it is easy to keep children entertained with electronics and toys indoors, but it can be very beneficial to show them how great the outdoors really is. Here are five great activity examples to get the kids to love nature. Continue reading

#DiscoveryAdventures by Land Rover

We love going exploring on adventures big or small, the children are so used to driving long distances the joys of living in the most easterly part of the country. In fact it takes us at least two hours just to get out of Norfolk. There are no such things as motorways, although you will find lots of tractors and combine harvesters to slow your journey to a snail’s pace, and maybe a pheasant or two darting across the windscreen! Continue reading

Top Five Activities to Get Out and About – 80s style

I have seen numerous posts and articles about how different growing up is for our children today, and I totally agree, they have quite a few more pressures, especially as the entire world is run by social media, so, this post is about the top five activities we used to do during the school holidays, way back in the 1980s. Continue reading