Staying At the Disneyland Hotel at Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris Hotel is currently closed for renovation, it is due to reopen on 24th January 2024. If you’re planning a trip to Disneyland Paris, consider making reservations at the extravagant Disneyland Hotel. This beautiful, Victorian-era inspired hotel located right at the entrance of the park delivers all of the Disney magic you would expect … Read more

Rides For Teenagers at Disneyland Paris

Visiting Disneyland Paris and need something for your teenagers? Why not use this awesome list of Rides For teenagers at Disneyland Paris. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril “Snakes, why did it have to be snakes?”. Don’t fret Dr Jones and teens as well, There’s no snakes on this action packed rollercoaster Ride based … Read more

Unique Attractions at Disneyland Paris

If you’re a frequent visitor of other Disney parks, you may think you’ve already seen everything to see at Disneyland Paris. But, all of the Disney parks around the world have their share of unique attractions, and Disneyland Paris is certainly no exception. Here are a few unique attractions at Disneyland Paris you’ll have to … Read more

Disneyland Paris Tips For First Time Visitors

Check out these few simple Disneyland Paris tips for first time visitors. Whether you’re from Europe and decide to pay a visit to Disneyland Paris, or you’re from somewhere else and are planning to travel there. Exploring Disneyland Paris is truly an unforgettable experience. Here are a few Disneyland Paris Tips to keep in mind … Read more

Disneyland Paris Rides For Toddlers?

Its A Small World Ride Disneyland Paris perfect for under 5s

If you are a regular reader of Big Family Little Adventures, you will know that we have had some amazing trips to Disneyland Paris, every time we come home the children are discussing the next time we can visit!! Are you Disneyland Paris Fans or do you have another favourite? Here is our guide for … Read more