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9 inspiring ideas for the May half term with Family & Friends Railcard

May half term is nearly upon us, these weeks are just flying by, during the last school holiday you may remember that we took a #Rail Adventure and the children have been on at us to take another train journey, and  a  Family & Friends Railcard,  saves a third off adult rail fares and 60% off kids’ fares, certainly makes travelling by train good value for money. Continue reading

Looking for A Relaxing Summer Holiday ?

As you will all know by now, as a larger than average family, we struggle with accommodation, we no longer fit in a caravan, unless it has 4 bedrooms and sleeps 10, which are very few and far between. Hotels sometimes have adjacent rooms that have an interconnecting door, although that is a risk, when we last stayed in a hotel, our rooms were indeed next to each other but they were quite far apart and had no door to connect them!

So, we tend to go for cottages in the UK, but with the constant unpredictability of our weather, I have started to look abroad. This week I was in a t-shirt Saturday, a winter coat Sunday and I resembled a drowned rat on the school run yesterday! So I am in desperate need of some sunshine.

A few friends with more than two children recommended ClickStay as a place to find Villas that are big enough to accommodate us all! It is a very user friendly website and the first thing I noticed was that the people staying option went right up to 16+, so I knew there would be at least a few choices for properties to stay in.

When Xene and Lochlan were small we went to Majorca, and I have always wanted to return, so the first place I typed into a property search was Majorca and I wasn’t disappointed! There are 417  Villas and Apartments listed, for Majorca alone!

With many of them offering private swimming pools and direct access to a beach, I was expecting the cost to be high, but some of THE most amazing Villas are just over £1000 for a week during the Summer school holidays, (end of July) which is what I would expect to pay in the UK, the only thing you would need to add on is the flights. Less people is even cheaper.

They have Villas and apartments all over the World, ranging from France to Florida, Turkey to Thailand, there really is a place for everyone, whether it be a romantic holiday for two or a crazy big family holiday for people like me!

This is a collaborative post



The Big Family British Road Trip

As a a much larger than average family, it’s quite difficult to just hop on an aeroplane or boat and go off around the world, so our little adventures tend to be mainly in this country, and there’s nothing better than a Great British Road Trip. Living by the sea we are very spoilt, although I sometimes think we don’t appreciate it as much as the holidaymakers do, so if you are looking for somewhere great to holiday, you can’t go far wrong with Greater Yarmouth, we have both the sea and the Norfolk Broads, so something for everyone! Continue reading

Boston for Families

Following on from my post about things to do in Amsterdam for families, this week I am taking a look at Boston.

It is definitely a place I would love to visit with the family, there are so many things to see and do, and with a big emphasis on animals, you know that Boston is the type of place The Morrison brood would adore!

Franklin Park Zoo

I always find it funny that you can find zoos in the most unusual places, the ones near us are very much out in the countryside, but Franklin Park Zoo is literally in the middle of the city! 72 acres of animals, that make you feel like you are in the middle of the jungle, not in a busy city!


The element I most love about this zoo is the fact that you can walk through different continents, whereas most of them in the UK concentrate on one particular area. They also have one of my favourite endangered animals the Grevys Zebras, which I was admiring last week whilst at our local zoo, so anyone that is involved in the protection of these beautiful animals has my vote. Not to mention the Rhino Rescue 6D adventure, the children would love it!

But like every zoo, they also have the farmyard, we can’t have Neva missing out on her goat obsession.

New England Aquarium

Next stop would have to be the Aquarium as the children are huge penguin fans, located perfectly on the waterfront, this interactive complex is another perfect place for a large animal loving family like ours, although i’m not sure about the shark touch pool! The outdoor harbour Seal sanctuary sounds more like my cup of tea (Boston, Tea get it!)



Asa is a huge map fan, we have more maps than I know what to do with, not just one map of each place, but several from different time periods and yes they are fascinating, but my bookcases are struggling under the weight!


So the mapparium looks perfect, the globe was built in 1935, and its historical accuracy has been preserved through the decades. The gives you a 360 degree view of what the world looked like back in 1935. You can walk right the way through the middle and compare how the world has changed in the last 80 + years, I imagine there will be quite a few differences!

And my favourite of all

The Skywalk Observatory

Imagine being 750 feet up in the air, taking an elevator 50 floors up in ‘the Pru’ to have a complete 360 of Boston, how amazing would that be ?


As much as Asa loves his maps, I would rather see it from above, although after walking round the battlements of a castle last week, i’m not sure Kaide and Eowyn would be so keen, as they seemed to develop a fear of heights!

So those are the sights I would love to visit on a Boston Trip, have you been or are you planning a trip, do you agree with my choices or are there others you would add ?