Mickey Devil Cupcakes

Mickey devil cupcakes are always a great idea when it comes to making a sweet treat to serve this Halloween! These cupcakes are not only fun to look at, but they’re also delicious. The chocolate cake is moist and fluffy, and the buttercream frosting is rich and creamy. Plus, the little devil Mickey toppers make … Read more

Mickey Halloween Cupcakes

Halloween sweets & treats are on the menu every October and oh boy have we got a good one for you! If you’re a Disney fan, you know that Halloween at Disney Parks are spooktacular in part because of all the yummy food. Craving a Disney cupcake yet? These Mickey Halloween cupcakes should do the trick! … Read more

Dawa Bar : Disney African Margaritas

One of the great things about Disney is the opportunity to experience many different types of exotic travel all in one place but there’s no need to travel to the Dawa Bar to enjoy an African Margarita. You can easily whip up this African-inspired margarita on your own at home. An African twist on the … Read more

Beauty and The Beast Belle Cupcakes

If you love Beauty and the Beast you are going to love these Belle Cupcakes. These brightly colored vanilla cupcakes with a rich yellow frosting are going to be a big hit with Disney lovers. Guaranteed, no one is going to be able to resist them. Just look at them! Gorgeous. Cupcakes truly are a … Read more

Disney Churro Toffee Recipe and Gift Labels

A trip to Disneyland is such a magical time. There is so much to enjoy while you are there with your family. The adrenalin-fueled and exhilarating rides, the Disney characters, and all of the fabulous entertainment, to mention a few things. However, there is one element of a trip to Disneyland that often is unforgettable … Read more

How To Make Hocus Pocus Witches Brew

Hurry, witches! It’s time to dust off the cauldron and get brewing. Halloween is just around the corner and we need to be prepared! This Hocus Pocus Witches Brew is sure to put a spell on all who try it. So light the black flame candle and let’s get started on a spooky cocktail that’s … Read more