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Those lovely days of all day binge watching box sets, or leisurely leaving the house at 11 on a Saturday for brunch vanish and it takes a good while to get used to it. I was hoping this wasn’t just my view on the world, as movies, books, magazines all make being a mum look kind of peaceful, happy, and wholesome. Continue reading

My New Years Resolutions

How is it already 2018, I swear it was only last week that we were talking about Xene heading off to university later this year, and here we are getting ready for her to return for her second term!

I like to have New Years Resolutions as it’s nice to have something to aim for, although i’m not sure if I have made it all the way to the end of the year with any still going!

  1. Go to Bed Earlier.

I know, it’s probably top of my list every year but this year I really would like to aim for going to bed before midnight, at least a couple of times per week, psychologically if my alarm goes off at 6.45am and I am in bed before 11.45 that’s 7 hours sleep, admittedly at the moment with the waking puppy it isn’t an entire seven hours of broken sleep! I am also going to invest in some lovely warm, cozy bedding to aid my nodding off to sleep (although I don’t really need that much help in that department!)


2. Get Out And About More

With the introduction of Merrie to our household this is already improving, at least three members of the family have been out for a walk every day since the start of 2018, and I can only see this increasing, it is difficult to get all nine of us up and out of the house (particularly with Tyrus distinct dislike of wearing clothes) but we live only a few minutes from the beach and the Norfolk Broads, so there really is no excuse!

3. Get Fitter

This will hopefully go hand in hand with number 2, as I have gained much more weight than I would like, in fact, I am the heaviest I have been since I met Asa 21 years ago! I suppose it also works with number 1, as Asa and I eat late most nights, once the children are in bed, and this has definitely impacted on us. Asa goes rugby training twice a week and plays most Saturdays, now I am not saying that i’m going to join a women’s rugby team, but a little more exercise can’t hurt.

4. Be More Organised

I say this one every year, with seven children’s schedules to keep up with and two businesses to run, I really do need to be better organised, and try to avoid doing the school uniform ironing on the Monday morning, or letting the children do their homework in the car on the way to school. I have invested in a couple of diaries/planners that I am hoping will get me better prepared for each week, but i’m not making too many promises!

and Finally…

5. Switch Off and Relax

The main downside to working from home and being involved in Social Media is that it is not a Monday to Friday 9 to 5 job, it is there, available 24/7, and sometimes the main audience you want to interact with is outside of these hours, so I have a habit working at odd hours, or squeezing in 30 minutes here and 15 minutes whilst waiting on the school run. This year I would like to have dedicated switch off time, to sit down and enjoy a film without thinking that I need to be answering emails, or sit and read a book (something I used to do lots before I had children) in the evening in peace and quiet!


Sleeping Beauty Norwich Theatre Royal

Neva, Eowyn and myself were invited along to the press night of Sleeping Beauty at Norwich Theatre Royal and it was brilliant!

The best part about pantomime, is you know the basic story, but every one is different, I had been to see a version of Sleeping Beauty a few years ago with Eowyn and they were both so completely different, so if you are sitting there thinking you have been to see Sleeping Beauty before, I would strongly urge you to think again, because this one is like nothing we have seen before!

It follows the traditional story of a King and Queen wanting a child and her pricking her finger on a spinning wheel, but that’s about it!

The story starts at Norbridge Abbey, which has a distinct Downton feel to it! But set in Norfolk (of course) throughout the show there are lots of local references that had the audience nodding along in agreement or shaking their head vigorously (nobody says a bad word against Gorleston!).

The story is centred around Patience the Maid (Elizabeth Carter)  who is in love with Timothy Norbridge (Glenn Adamson), but neither of them know her true identity, she is of course the princess and she has been hidden away at Norbridge Abbey since birth to keep her safe and wit until she has turned 18, by which time the spell will be broken and she can claim her rightful place as the  heir to the throne.

Her evil aunt Vipera (played by Gillian Wright) had put the curse on her when she was a baby and she has been searching the world trying to find the princess, unfortunately she returned home just before Patience 18th birthday determined to find her, Gillian played Vipera briliantly, a mix of evil and sass, with a hint of comedy, she has the audience booing and hissing and lots of “Oh No You Wont’s!”

When she finally catches up with Patience, with the help of some completely adorable insects (especially the ladybird), she is able to carry out the threat and Sleeping Beauty is put to sleep for 100 years….

Will her true love be able to break the spell and how will he be able to do that ?

If you want to know that, then book your tickets NOW!

The pantomime has the usual slapstick comedy and a very hilarious water scene, which is beautifully played out behind a very serious song sang by Timothy . The voices of all cast members were in fine tune and they had the audience singing and clapping along.

The butler Chortwood was played by the very wonderful Derek Griffiths, who gave the show a very distinguished feel, his reference to Playschool was well received by the older members of the audience, and he really doesn’t look much different to what I remember, except a slightly lighter hair colour!

Mrs Midges (Richard Gauntlett) was the perfect housekeeper, with some truly amazing outfits, and her son Muddles (Ben Langley) made the show, a perfect duo combination that is a testament to the success of the pantomimes each year, long may it continue!

So, if you are looking for an afternoons entertainment or a night out during the festive season, look no further than Norwich Theatre Royal, a truly entertaining couple of hours, that will have the entire family smiling from ear to ear.

The pantomime is running through until Sunday 14th January, so plenty of time to visit, to book tickets either visit the website or call the Box Office on 01603 630000

The pantomime really is for everyone, they have special performances taking place which include

Audio Described: Wednesday 3rd Jan 2.30pm and Saturday 6th Jan 2.30pm

Signed Performance: Saturday 13th Jan 2.30pm

Captioned: Sunday 7th Jan 1pm

Relaxed performance: Friday 5th Jan 5.30pm

Photography by Simon Finlay


With the weather about to turn colder and a whisper of snow starting to appear this weekend up North, Aldi Special Buys have got you covered.

If you are not fortunate enough to get any snow, then maybe a skiing holiday is on the cards!

In Aldi stores on Sunday 26th November they will be having lots of skiing clothing at fantastic prices, so head down and pick up some bargains, but be quick, because once, it’s gone, it’s gone!

From first timers to black-run professionals, discount supermarket Aldi’s new Ski range is sure to impress this winter. With an extensive range of top quality clothing and accessories, and the ultimate bundle, adults can pick up everything needed to hit the slopes for under £60, while kids can get suited and booted out for under £50. The rest of the range starts from just £1.99. Available to pre-order online from now and available in stores from 26th November while stock lasts – there’s ‘snow’ way ski-enthusiasts will want to miss out on Aldi’s amazing deals.

All three girls are huge fans of neck warmers, and these are priced at just £2.99, so they will definitely be on my list to get, perfect for their stockings, although if we get snow before Christmas they may have to make an early appearance!

The Children’s Ski Jackets are so bright and colourful, they won’t get lost! Only £12.99, they will certainly be snug as bugs in those. Although I don’t ho;d out much hope for the teenagers as apparently wearing something to keep you warm is totally uncool in public!

My favourite items are the children’s fleeced lined hats, not only amazing value at £1.99, but SO cute!

So, if you are looking to keep warm this winter, or you have a fantastic ski holiday booked (if so, I am very jealous!) then head on down to your local Aldi store on Sunday before it all goes, alternatively get online NOW and order what you need.