How to celebrate Bonfire Night at home this year

We’ve been celebrating Bonfire Night in the UK for centuries, although it’s less for historical reasons and more because we all like to get together and eat toffee apples around a big old fire, right? Well, with the pandemic cooling down, lots of local events will be back up and running, but if you’re still … Read more

Golf Courses & Sustainability – Is Golf Eco?

Golf courses have had a poor reputation over the years. Wasting water, polluting the environment, damaging wildlife and taking up unnecessary space are common criticisms levelled at the arrangement. Not to mention this all taking place within what some see as an elitist club, known for exclusionary, outdated rules and behaviour, for example banning female … Read more

Is There a Pumpkin Patch Near Me ?

Welcome to Pumpkin Picking 2021! Every year the visit to the local pumpkin patch seems to become more popular and lots more brand new PYO Pumpkin sites appear. So if you want to go and pick Your Own Pumpkin ready for Halloween 2021, then check out all of these amazing Pumpkin Patches to see if … Read more

Amazing Walking With Llamas Experiences To Try

If you are looking for a fun outdoors adventure ave you considered a walking with llamas or sometimes referred to as llama trekking, although a trek does conjure up a very steep mountain and lots of energy bused up, don’t get me wrong there are a few that offer a more intense trek, but many … Read more