Best UK Lavender Fields To Visit in 2021

With the country slowly easing out of lockdown and families being allowed to go for days out, we are taking the opportunity to explore more outdoor adventures, last week we took our first visit to a Bluebell woods after missing out on a Snowdrop Walk this year, another adventure the children would like to discover … Read more

Best Places in UK to find Bluebell Woods

Now that the weather is starting to get a little warmer and the snow has disappeared, the snowdrop walks now combine with the beautiful bluebell woods. Bluebells (known as the English bluebell or the common bluebell) are native to western Europe, particularly in the UK, they are usually found in ancient woodlands and really are … Read more

Weird and wonderful activities to try with your family

Following Boris Johnson’s recent announcement, it feels like the end of lockdown might finally be in sight. However, with still a few months to go before normality is fully restored, it is important for us to continue to do our best to keep ourselves and our young ones mentally and physically healthy. If you, like … Read more

Stunning Snowdrop Walks To Discover in 2021

For me snowdrops are one of the first signs that spring is on it’s way, Galanthus Nivalis is one of the most common wild snowdrops, although there are currently 20 different species of wild snowdrops, over the years, over one thousand new varieties have been cultivated, with the snowdrops themselves sometimes creating them by cross-fertilisation. … Read more

Woodland Walks searching for Ghosts and Goblins

Trying to find an activity which all the children enjoy can be a challenge, but all our children really enjoy going to the woods, with the right clothing, at almost anytime of the year. Most of the UK has Woods, Forests or Country Parks close by and its a really good way to spend some time with the kids outdoors.

Climbing Snowdon – A Walk in the Clouds

One of the difficulties of Big Families with a range of children from different ages is sometimes there are things older children can do, which younger ones can’t. This can be obvious such as a 12 rated film at the cinema or a certain ride at a theme park, or something more challenging physically. It is important that the older children do not miss out, always doing something that all can do and sometimes it works well to split up.