Is Disneyland Paris Express Luggage Service A Good Option

If you are planning a trip to Disneyland Paris, then you have probably heard of the world famous “Express Luggage Service” that is offered. So what is the Disneyland Paris Express Luggage Service ?

What does Disneyland Paris have to offer?

Disneyland Paris is a whole new experience when compared to its American counterparts. Disneyland Paris is unique for its culinary options. They have over 50 different restaurants located in Disneyland Paris, each with their own unique taste, amazing staff and the prices work with any budget!

Disneyland Paris is split up into two separate parks, Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park. One of the main points of interest is the Sleeping Beauty Castle. Similar to the Cinderellas Castle at Disney World, the Sleeping Beauty Castle is grand, luxurious, and beautifully detailed, whilst you are exploring check out these hidden gems. Be sure to catch the firework show at the end of the night! 

Disneyland Paris Express Luggage Service gives you more time to take photos in front of the Sleeping Beauty Castle

How does the Disneyland Paris Express Luggage Service work?

This service is for Disneyland ticket holders that are traveling to their hotel. If you are staying at a Disney hotel or preferred hotel and you are taking the Eurostar or TGV high-speed trains, don’t waste your time checking in at your hotel and getting your bags together. With the Express Luggage Service, you can go straight from the Eurostar Disneyland Paris station to the park entrance. While you enjoy a full day of Disneyland Paris the Disney Express service handles your hotel check-in and your bags. 

Once you are onboard the Eurostar heading France, a Disney employee will come around with you Express Luggage Pack, take note of how many pieces of luggage you will be travelling with and checking in.

What Is Inside The Disneyland Paris Express Luggage Service Pack ?

A Welcome Letter

My children love reading this as it’s the start of their holiday adventure!

Luggage Labels

Enough for each piece of luggage you are checking in, each label will need your travel dates and family name, attach them to your case but endure you keep hold of the bottom stub to be able to retrieve them when you arrive.

Check-in form

One form per room, ensure you complete this prior to check in to enable you to access your room key quicker, after being in a large queue many years ago and having 4 tired grumpy children, this is amazing!

Park Tickets

For the duration of your stay, the children love these as they have different disney characters on them and they love putting them into the ticket machine before pushing the turnstile to enter.

Your Hotel Easy Pass

This pass that will be needed to get into the park during the magic hours, it’s usually attached to your hotel registration form.

Meal Vouchers

If you have chosen a holiday with meal plan included, you will receive all of your vouchers within the pack, please ensure you have the correct amount of vouchers for the number of people and the entirety of your stay, if you have upgraded for any characters meals, special occasions etc these should also be included.

Photo Pass Voucher

If you have already booked a photo pass, the voucher to pick up your photo pass once you are in the park, will also be included in the pack.

How Do My Belongings Get To The Hotel Using The Disneyland Paris Express Luggage Service ?

Once you arrive and get off the Eurostar you head straight up to Level 1 with your luggage and head over to the Express Luggage Area, you can’t miss it, as its the booth with all of the Disney Characters on!

The Disney Express counter is open from 08:00am to 09:30pm, 7 days a week and is located at the top floor of Marne-la-Vallée station.

Once you have deposited your luggage you are free to walk straight into either of the Parks, as you already have your passes and meal vouchers in the Disney Pack you were given on the Eurostar, knowing that your belongings will be safely transported to your hotel and it will all be there once your time at the park is over, giving you even more time to enjoy the Magic of Disneyland Paris.

When you decide to go to the hotel, depending on which one you are staying at either walk directly there or head over to the bus stop and jump on the one with the name of your hotel and you will arrive at reception with your completed form for a speedy check in.

If there are more than one adult in the party, I would advise one queue for the key and another grab everyone’s luggage.

Your worries are taken care of on the Eurostar when using the Disneyland Paris Express Luggage Service

Is this service offered to Disney hotel guests only?

This service can only be added to those who are staying at a Disney Hotel or preferred hotel. You will need to purchase this as an addition to your hotel and ticket package or you can purchase it within a package. Disneyland Paris offers the Eurodisney packages that include Eurostar. 

Disney Express is available at all Disney Hotels and Partner Hotels (except Disney’s Davy Crockett Ranch and Les Villages Nature Paris).

many of the Disneyland Paris Hotels offer the Express luggage Service for their guests.

You can purchase this service through the Disneyland Paris website when you book your Eurostar train. There are many Disneyland Paris hotels that include park tickets as a bundle price. The pricing is very reasonable, and works out cheaper to include them in your booking before arrival.

Is it worth purchasing the Disneyland Paris Luggage Express Service?

If you wish to get more out of your trip for a reasonable price I would recommend purchasing the Disney Express Service. This service gets you the best bang for your buck in regards to added convienence. If you’re like me, then when you arrive at your hotel and check into your room you just get so excited and ready for the next day at Disneyland Paris. What Disney Express service offers is that excitement the day you arrive. You don’t worry about your hotel or your room. All you have to worry about is riding straight over to the park via the Eurostar and getting something to eat! 

What happens when it is time to check out?

The day you check out, just drop off your bags in the luggage room of your hotel, ensuring your luggage labels are still attached, the luggage will be taken to the Eurostar terminal by the Disneyland Paris Express Luggage Service, leaving you extra time to enjoy the final few hours at Disneyland Paris, about an hour before your Eurostar train is due to take you on your journey home, pop back up to Level 1 in the station, to the same hatch you dropped your bags off on the first day and pick up your luggage, then head to your train as usual.

Disneyland Paris has it’s own unique attractions, atmosphere and rides to enjoy when you get there. Make your trip a little easier and enjoy more of the park by using the Eurostar Disneyland Paris Express Luggage Service. Don’t forget to take a picture in front of the Castle! 

For even more efficiency don’t forget to add the fastpasses and check out the the best and worst months to visit Disneyland Paris

In line with the latest French authorities’ requirements, a Health Pass is required for guests aged 18 and older to visit the Disney Parks. As of 9 August, the Health Pass will be extended to the Disney Hotels and Disney Village. As this situation is evolving, we will continue to address your questions and update the dedicated page as needed.

Please visit our Health and Safety page for:
– Information on what a Health Pass is, how it will be used and where;
– Details regarding the on-site testing centre, managed by a third party, and available for guests who may require a test (PCR or Antigen) upon arrival, or prior to their return to their home country.

We continue to provide flexible commercial conditions that you can find here.
We look forward to welcoming you soon to Disneyland Paris.

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