What is there to Eat at Disneyland Paris if you’re Vegan?

Disneyland Paris Vegan Options – Disneyland Paris is a totally magical destination! But when people think about Disneyland Paris they often don’t think of much choice for vegan and vegetarian options for food. 

In the past Disneyland Paris had a bad reputation when it came to vegans visiting. With very few options and the ones that were available being not great, it meant vegans visiting Disneyland Paris often prepared for the worst and hoped for the best, but there are new food choices available, other than just French Fries, with much more plant-based meat offerings!

Thankfully those days are long gone! In the past year Disneyland Paris has added lots of vegan dishes and plant-based options on their menus and it just keeps getting better!

Something that is great is a lot of the vegan meals are wholefoods and use lots of fresh ingredients which makes them taste fantastic!

However if you are a fan of faux meat Disneyland Paris has a new deal with Beyond Meat, the super tasty and realistic alternative meat company, so we are starting to see new dishes with Beyond products in.

If you see a dish marked as vegan on a Disneyland Paris menu then it means this dish is prepared without any meat, fish, dairy, eggs or honey so it’s vegan as standard, no modifications necessary!

For any dishes that aren’t listed as vegan then it is always best to check with the server or chef that the dish can be made vegan as ingredients and suppliers do change, so sometimes a dish that may have previously been vegan may not currently be due to these changes.

Some dishes may also be prepared in shared fryers and grills so please check with the chef before ordering if this is a concern for you.

Let dive in to what vegan options are available at Disneyland Paris!

Disneyland Paris Vegan Food

Check out the best disneyland Paris restaurant choices for vegan and vegetarian dishes

Quick Service

Plant-Based Burger from Café Hyperion, Au Chalet de la Marionnette, Cowboy Cookout Barbecue, Restaurant En Coulisse

This plant-based burger is made with a Beyond burger patty, tomato, lettuce, pickles and a vegan tartare-style sauce. This is a new item that has recently appeared at Disneyland Paris and is now available in a range of quick service locations!

The plant-based patties are cooked on a shared grill so there is a risk of cross contamination issue so this is something to be aware of.

Veggie Hot Dog from Casey’s Corner

This tasty veggie hot dog from Casey’s Corner comes with a plant-based sausage and is topped with vegan chili. Don’t forget your napkins!

Be aware that the plant-based sausages are cooked on a shared grill so there is a cross contamination risk.

disneyland paris vegan

Vegan Fish and Chips from Toad Hall Restaurant

Vegan fish and chips at Toad Hall Restaurant have finally arrived at Disneyland Paris! You also get a vegan tartare sauce for an authentic experience!

Vegan Chilli from Last Chance Café

This dish gets rave reviews from vegan visitors! The Last Chance Café chilli is super tasty, but not spicy, so is perfect for everyone to enjoy!

Pasta Neapolitan from Pizzeria Bella Notte and Colonel Hathi’s Pizza Outpost

This Pizzeria Bella Notte and Colonel Hathi’s Pizza Outpost pasta dish comes with a rich tomato sauce. Although not listed as vegan on the menu the ingredients are vegan.

Be sure to check during your visit in case this has changed. You can also make this a meal deal by adding a side salad that comes with salad leaves, beetroot and carrot and a soft drink.

Hakuna Matata Salad from Restaurant Hakuna Matata

Hakuna Matata serves a unique salad made with pineapple, lettuce, tomato, beans, cucumber, pepper and peanuts.

Grain Salad from almost all the quick service restaurants

On many of the quick service restaurant menus you will see on the a la carte menu a vegetable salad with cereals.

This is quite a basic dish and previously was the main option for vegans. Now with so many new vegan quick service options this may be one to skip over!

Vegan Panini from L’Arbre Enchante

Vegan Panini from L’Arbre Enchante, filled with vegetables and the perfect light meal!

Table Service

Silver Spur Steakhouse

At Silver Spur Steakhouse, this Frontierland restaurant enjoy a three course meal where the dishes are marked vegan on the menu.  This is one of the best vegan meals at Disneyland Paris so be sure to book a reservation!

The three vegan courses are a Vegan Salad made with kidney beans, avocado, tomato, onion, peppers, lettuce and a tangy citrus vinaigrette.

The main course is a Vegan Skewer with vegan meatballs and sausages as well as roasted potatoes, a tomato stew, corn on the cob and mangetout. For dessert dine on a dish made of Stewed Red Berries with Cashew Nut and Vanilla Silken Tofu and Popcorn.

Walt’s Restaurant

Walt’s Restaurant is a classic Main Street restaurant recently reopened and now offers a three course vegan menu.

Dine on a Fruit Slaw with Carrot Coulis starter, a Thelma Potato, Vegetable and Pepper Coulis main and a Warm Giant Chocolate Chip and Hazelnut Cookie with Caramel Sauce and Maple Syrup Ice Cream for dessert!

Captain Jack’s Restaurant

Captain Jack’s Restaurant is one of the coolest in Disneyland Paris as it is INSIDE the Pirates of the Caribbean Ride!

See the boats float past as you dine on three courses. The dishes at Captain Jack’s have recently been updated to be vegan and are now labelled so on the menu!

The vegan options at Captain Jack’s are a Quinoa Salad with a Spicy Cashew Dressing, a Vegetable, Lentil and Plantain Curry and a Fruit Soup Dessert (which is small cubes of fruit in syrup topped with coconut whipped cream).

Restaurant Agrabah Café

This middle eastern buffet is fantastic for vegans! Agrabah Café has lots of different options, including lots of varieties of salads, hummus and falafel.

Be sure to speak to the chefs who will let you know which dishes on the buffet are suitable for vegans. The food is super flavourful and you will want to keep going back for more!

Plaza Gardens Restaurant

Plaza Garden is a character dining buffet that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. Meet some of the most popular Disney character whilst you enjoy your meal!

When you arrive speak to the chefs who can take you through the buffet and let you know which dishes are vegan.

Bistrot Chez Rémy

This highly themed Ratatouille restaurant has to be one of the best Disney restaurants for decor! Everything is oversized as you shrink down to the size of a rat to eat inside Bistrot Chez Remy’s restaurant.

The menu has recently been updated to include two vegan courses. No modifications are necessary anymore!

The vegan dishes are a Spelt and Mushroom Salad with a Kitchen Garden Vinaigrette and a Vegetable Stew with Herby Plant-Based Meatballs.

Auberge de Cendrillon

One of the most famous restaurants at Disneyland Paris is Auberge de Cendrillon. Book a reservation here to dine with the Disney Princesses. When Auberge de Cendrillon reopened in April 2022 the new menu included three vegan courses!

This is the most expensive restaurant at Disneyland Paris with the three course set menu costing €79.

The vegan courses are a Pumpkin Soup with Pumpkin Puree flavoured with Ceps and Squash Seeds, Pea and Herb Finger with Piquillo Pepper Coulis and Vegetable Crisps plus a warm Chocolate Lava Cake dessert.


Pineapple Whip

Dole Whip is an iconic Disney snack and has finally made its way to Disneyland Paris! You can get this pineapple frozen dessert from Café de la Brousse.

Ben & Jerry’s Vegan Ice Cream

You can get Ben & Jerry’s vegan Cookies on Cookie Dough ice cream for a sweet treat! Find this snack at Café de la Brousse.

Vegan Cookies

You can now order two types of vegan cookie in Disneyland Paris! One is made with chocolate chips and hazelnuts and the other is raspberry and apricot flavour. You can also get these cookies from Cookie Kitchen, Café de la Brousse, Market House Deli and Cable Car Bake Shop.


There are various food stands you can order churros! These fried doughnuts are vegan without the chocolate sauce.


Disney popcorn is vegan! Enjoy this classic Disney treat from a range of stands around the Disney parks!


Disney fries are vegan! They may be prepared in a shared fryer so do take this into consideration if cross contamination is an issue for you.

Vegan Magnum Almond

At many of the quick service restaurants you will find a vegan Magnum almond ice cream on the menu!

Solero 65% Fruit Red Berry

This frozen fruit dessert is vegan and perfect on hot days! You can find this item at some of the quick service restaurants.

Oat Milk Cappuccino

At Coffee Grinder you can now get an oat milk cappuccino, a first in the parks! Beforehand you could only get plant milks from Starbucks in Disney Village or select Disneyland Paris hotels. It is great to be able to get a plant-based coffee inside Disneyland park now!

You can also get an oat milk cappuccino with maple syrup or agave syrup.

Disney Village Vegan Options

In Disney Village you will find a range of restaurants, including famous chains, to dine in. Luckily there are a few vegan options to find here

  • Veggie Stack Burger from Annette’s Diner. (This dish does need modifying so please speak to the chef. Order without mozzarella cheese, pesto and coleslaw).
  • Pomodoro Pasta, Pasta Aglio E Olio and Bruschetta from Vapiano
  • Veggie Sandwich at Earl of Sandwich. (This dish needs modifying so please speak to the chef. Order without cheese, no ranch dressing).
  • Vegan Drinks at Starbucks

Disney Resorts Vegan Choices

All of the Disney Resorts try to cater for vegans. Please speak to your server and chef to let them know you are vegan and to find out what options are available to you.

All the Disney hotels offer breakfast with a few vegan items. Some hotels offer a buffet restaurant where the option is often a vegan chilli, including hotel Cheyenne, disney’s Hotel Santa fe, Newport Bay Club, and Newport Bay Hotel restaurant the Cape Cod. There are also a range of table service restaurants that have vegan dishes marked on the menu.

The best hotel for vegan food is Hotel New York: The Art of Marvel. This newly rethemed hotel is not only fantastic for all fans of Marvel, where you can see incredible costumes and artwork from the films and comics, but it also has lots of vegan options.

Dine at Downtown Restaurant to enjoy a buffet which includes Noodle Soup with Mushrooms, Minestrone Soup, Veggie burger, Vegan Burger and Vegan Pasta.

The vegan options will usually be marked as vegan on the card above the buffet that lets you know what the dish is. Also speak to the chefs behind the buffet so they can tell you every vegan option available to you.

For something a bit special visit Manhattan Restaurant. This classy, New York style restaurant serves gourmet foods. There are three vegan courses available.

To start with is a Minestrone Soup. The main course is a Buckwheat Pasta with Pistachio Pesto and Porcini Mushrooms. The dessert is Dark Chocolate and Olive Oil Cream, Hazelnut Crumble and Pears Cooked with Vanilla.

There are also two vegan side dishes! You can order Fried Courgette marinated in Garlic and Fresh Mint and Grilled Seasonal Vegetables.

Manhattan Restaurant is the perfect restaurant for special occasions or a fancy meal!

Is The Meal Plan Worth It For Vegans ?

If you stay at a Disneyland Paris hotel you have the option to add a meal plan to your booking. You can choose from three options: breakfast, half-board and full-board. Half board offers you breakfast at your hotel plus a lunch or dinner. Full-board gives you three meals a day.

The great thing about the meal plan is that all your dining is paid in advance for you so you don’t need to budget for it!

But is the meal plan worth it for vegan? A big part of the meal plan is breakfast at your hotel. This consists of a buffet with hot and cold options and drinks.

The vegan options can be lacking and because the breakfast makes up a portion of your cost of the meal plan it is not always worth it.

If the lack of vegan breakfast options is a little off putting for you the good news is that for around the same price as the half board meal plan can purchase a quick service and table service vegan meal!

This can be a much better option as you get two full meals a day and can just take breakfast items, such as protein bars, with you to Disneyland Paris.

If you wanted to keep your dining on a budget you could stick to just quick service meals as they are the most affordable options. This would work out much cheaper than the meal plan and now that Disneyland Paris offers a range of quick service meals that are vegan this is now a possibility!

If the meal plan is something that you would like be sure to book your table service dining reservations early as the restaurants do book up! You can book via the Disneyland Paris app or phoning the reservation line on your booking confirmation email. Dining reservations open up 60 days ahead of your trip.

Some Of The Best Restaurants For Vegans

Now you know all the vegan options available here are the best restaurants for vegans at Disneyland Paris!

Are you vegan and do you have a favourite restaurant when at Disneyland Paris ?

Considering booking a Disneyland Paris Hotel but unsure which is the best one for you, check out their price estimate calendar and find the best deal for your family.

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