Fun Outdoor Activities: Spend More Time with Your Kids

Kids are growing a lot faster than parents are ready to accept. Each day, they surprise with how mature they get and you feel the need to get a hold of them forever. Well, if you want to cherish every moment with them, then find ways to spend as much time with them as possible.

Your gardening projects are a perfect opportunity for you and your kids to do something together, while any time spent outside can be turned into a fun activity you’ll all love.

Fun Outdoor Activities: Spend More Time with Your Kids

1. Rocks can be fun

In case you are starting your garden this year and you are planning to plant seeds, you could have fun with your kids marking the specific sprouts. Help your kids collects interesting rocks outside. Next, write down the specific sprout on each of the rocks and let your kids paint the letters.

When they are done, show them where to place a specific rock on the garden plot. This is fun and easy activity which will help your kids get to know the plants that will grow in their garden.


2. Sweet potato isn’t just for eating

Throughout the history, sweet potato was used as a decorative plant, so why not do the same with your kids? This is an inexpensive plant that could be your kids’ favourite as they will be responsible for it.

Just show your kids how to do it – submerge the sweet potato into water (a half of it) and wait till it grow beautiful leaves. Your kids will love it more because they will be able to eat leaves and stems because they’re very tasty.

Fun Outdoor Activities: Spend More Time with Your Kids

3. Teepee shelter for your little ones

Garden beanpole teepees have been a real hype among kids that love spending time outside. So, why not make them that time even more enjoyable?

You can get creative and decorate the teepee with ribbons, leaves or anything else you and your kids come up with. Once the beans are fully grown, the little ones will have a secret place to hide when playing outside in the summer. A perfect kids shelter!

Fun Outdoor Activities: Spend More Time with Your Kids Gardening

4. Have a rainbow in your garden every day

Kids find it very enjoyable to create a plot that has a theme. Rainbows are beautiful, so your kids will probably love the idea of creating a rainbow out of different flowers.

Let the children pick out the flowers they would like to see on the plot, while the green for the rainbow can come from parsley. When the planting day comes, make sure you get a practical kids gardening set so that they can plant and tend to the flowers regularly. It’s going to be a great little journey to watch your garden rainbow grow each day, becoming more and more beautiful.

Fun Outdoor Activities: Spend More Time with Your Kids A Rainbow Garden

5. A long-term project – a family tree

It’s beautiful when the whole family commits to a mutual project that will last for years to come. Planting a tree together that will get a name and that everybody will take care of creates a special bond between the family members.

It’s a memory to be cherished forever and a gift for all of you. As a family, go to together to a tree nursery or a garden center in the town to pick the tree. Make sure the kids are involved in every step.

Plant the tree together and then teach them how to regularly take care of it. Let them water it, remove the dirt around it and monitor its progress. You can also have a little ceremony to name the tree. Take a family photo around the tree and even consider having an annual ceremony around the tree to recognize its growth and beauty.

Fun Outdoor Activities: Spend More Time with Your Kids planting seeds

6. A garden scavenger hunt

This is a great game for your little ones to use their observational skills. The garden already has so many things in it to be explored but kids sometimes need to be directed into a certain direction to get really observant.

So, the best way is to create a list of items that are commonly found in a garden, such as insects, birds, leaves and different kind of rocks and plants.

Place the list on a clipboard and take your kids to a scavenger hunt. What’s great here is that you can do this type of scavenger hunt outside your garden, maybe in a park or some other community green space.

Besides the usual type of the game, you can organize an edible hunt (for older children who know the difference between certain types of fruit and vegetables) or a smell or sound hunt. You can even prepare a prize if they get really competitive.

All in all

Children’s ability to have fun and to immerse into a game without being aware of the surroundings is astonishing. Encourage this ability in them and make yourself and your partner a part of it. Your garden can be a family fun place, where you can learn new stuff and have fun together. Seize any opportunity to spend with your kids outside.

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