Getting Out and About even with a Period

You know whats its like, at a particular time of the month, the only thing you want to do is curl up with a good book, a large amount of chocolate and a hot water bottle, but there is an alternative!

When the monthly period approaches, instead of feeling sorry for yourself and hibernating, why not kick back and show your body that this very irritating and annoying part of womanhood is n’t going to stop you doing what you want!

Pull on a pair of Knixteen grab a pair of trainers or walking boots and get out and about, you never know it may make you feel even better than scoffing a large bar of chocolate, and if not, you can always eat that after you’ve burnt off the calories!

Yes, you can calculate your total daily energy expenditure (TDEE) as this calories estimations tells you how many calories you burn throughout the day, Remember that TDEE calculations are something that performed according to Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) and TDEE activity level. Also, try this accurate tdee calculator to understand how many calories should you burn a day. Keep in mind, TDEE is something that takes into account the calories that you burn at work, exercising, or consuming.

So here are five activities that may ease your period pain.

  • Cycling

One of the best exercises to get your heart rate up and the oxygen pumping round your body, without putting too much stress on any limbs is cycling, whether you opt for a gentle bike ride along the promenade or cycle through the forest, this is guaranteed to make you feel better.

  • Yoga

As we all know we an be a little grumpy during our period so a gentle bit of yoga may provide an extra bit on Zen to ensure you make it through the latest cycle.

  • A Cardio Workout

Whether its Zumba, running or boxing, anything that gets blood flowing and heart beat up, not only is it good for improving cardiovascular health, but it can also combat sluggishness, by pumping you full of feel-good endorphins, which are natural chemicals released by the brain, which can reduce feelings of stress and the sense of severity of pain caused through cramps.

  • Swimming

It may be the last thing you feel like doing during that time of the month and is obviously dependant on your feelings towards sanitary choices, but its an exercise that is gentle on the limbs and can provide a relief from cramps allowing your body to float, although if this one isn’t for you, maybe a nice hot bath instead!

  • Back Dancing

Don’t worry i’m not suggesting you go to the local nightclub and strut your stuff (unless you want to) but we all know the aching, pulling sensation on our lower back during this time, so put on your favourite boogie tunes, lie on your back, with your knees bent and your arms by your side, then gently lift your bum off the floor making a small bridge, then start bouncing to the beat, not only will this help relieve pressure on your lower back but may help give you a booty like Beyonce!!

So, there you go Period time doesn’t have to mean grouchy time, but of course there is also nothing wrong with hot water bottles and chocolate!!

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