5 Outdoor Learning Activities for Children

Looking for some outdoor learning activities to try with your child? Look no further, as this guide from an English summer school has 5 activities you can try starting from the comfort of home.

1. Orienteering

This involves using a map and compass to find specific locations to reach a certain goal. It’s a great skill for the mind and body and can easily become a fun treasure hunt for children. In bigger events, children can be competing against others to reach a specific goal, making for healthy competition and prizes.

2. Trips to the museum

Museums or educational centres are teeming with fun activities for children to learn about something new. Give them the chance to explore their favourite subjects in different ways, like a visit to the local history museum or a science-themed museum.

3. Water play

On hot and sunny days you can take a trip to the beach or possibly bring out the inflatable paddling pool to try out water play. This involves a number of objects like cups and toys that show children how water is affected by gravity and its permanent state.

4. Make a nature journal

A nature journal can be as in depth or as picture-filled as possible, where your child can add leaves, petals, pictures of animals they spot in the garden or even paintings of what they’ve spotted. Keeping a journal means they’re able to look back on what they’ve discovered just from their front door.

5. Make a DIY oven in your garden

Use an old postage box, some foil and a layer of cellophane to make a small oven. Reflect the foil onto what you want to melt, like chocolate on a biscuit for example, and watch as the “oven” does its magic. Great for those hot and sunny days! And they get to see science working in action.

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