Quad Riding In The UK: Why It Is The Best

While you can find many quad riding parks and course in Europe, the vast majority cater for riders with a minimum intermediate skill level, and anyone who is thinking of trying the sport would require a quad park for beginners, and these are few and far between on mainland Europe. The United Kingdom, however, is the ideal place to learn how to ride a quad. They even have testing runs and venues for all levels.

 Late Introduction in the UK

 Quads didn’t arrive into the UK until the early 2000s, thus it was unknown and that created a need for training venues. Many pros from the US and Canada came to Great Britain and started a venue that is primarily a quad riding school, so if you are looking to try your luck, you are literally spoiled for choice.

London & The Home Counties

If you live in this area, you are never further than 30 minutes from a top quad facility, especially in Berkshire, Sussex and Buckinghamshire, where there are some amazing quad schools that also cater for advanced riders. Traq Motor Racing in Croydon is one such venue and it gets busy, so make sure you book online ahead of time. If you want your young kids to get a taste of four-wheel riding, this is the ideal venue, as they cater for kids and have a range of tracks.

The Countryside

This is one of the main attractions of quad riding in the British Isles, with spectacular scenery everywhere, plus you have a collection of diverse environments; muddy meadows, stunning forest rambles, flatland obstacle runs, not forgetting the grasslands and limestone hills.

No Licence

If you ride at a quad bike venue, you are on private land, which negates the need for a driving licence, and if you want to buy a new or used road legal quad bikes UK enthusiasts are using, then Quadbikes R Us are among the people to talk to. They have a range of new and used road legal and off-road machines, and with low-interest finance, you can buy your very own quad.

quad riding

 Comprehensive Insurance

When you ride at any UK venue, you can be sure that you are fully covered by the provider’s insurance, as this is compulsory by law. Make no mistake, quad riding can be dangerous, and you are advised to take some professional tuition from the very outset, and once you get your own quad, gradually get to know the machine and be very respectful of the power.

The average adult quad bike is 500cc and generates some power, and when you move up to a 1,000cc machine, then the fun begins! You need to:

  • Learn about weight distribution
  • Practice cornering techniques
  • Learn how to use the brakes
  • Develop good clutch control
  • Develop foot techniques

It doesn’t matter where in the UK you live, you are never far from a quad park and almost without exception, all cater for the novice rider. Google is your best friend and with a few mouse clicks, you can be reading all about the local quad riding venue and planning your very first quad adventure.

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