Croquet on the Lawn Anyone ?

We are very fortunate that we have a rather large garden, so there is plenty of space for various games, some weeks we have a football pitch set up, next week there is a running track mowed into the lawn, (depending on the grass length obviously!)

This summer we have had a badminton court set up and most evenings there have been at least a couple of the children having a match, so when we were asked if we would like to review a Garden Croquet Set, it was a resounding “Yes”!



The Croquet Set consists of :

4 Coloured Mallets with Matching Balls

6 Metal Hoops

And a Winning Post




Our thoughts

The set is good quality and very easy to set up, it is suitable for all of the children aged 7 +, they have used the croquet nearly every evening since we were sent the set and each of the children are improving each time they play.

It is quite an easy game to explain, so both Kaide and Eowyn were able to grasp the rules very quickly and it quickly became a game that any one of us could win, each match has had a different outcome.

The set is priced at £45 which I think represents great value for money, it is a very strong sturdy set and I can see it lasting for a very long time, once Tyrus and Viggo get a little older, there is an option to purchase extra mallets, so it could turn in to an entire family match!

Big Game Hunters have lots of amazing outdoor products, if you are looking for somewhere to purchase products for the garden, I would definitely recommend them.



Shreks Adventure! London

A few weeks ago Xene, Neva, Eowyn and I took a girls only trip to London with Sarah and Roo from Boo Roo and Tigger too which involved a fab Spy Mission and school uniform discussions with a lovely company.

Whilst we were there the lovely people from Merlins asked if we would like to review Shrek’s Adventure, much to the disappointment of Lochlan and Kaide who are huge Shrek and Donkey fans!

I had heard about this new attraction that had opened opposite the London Eye, but the website didn’t give too much away.

We were given a time slot and they state on the website that it takes approximately 75 minutes for your Shrek Adventure, ours start to finish was 90 minutes of non stop laughter, jumps and scariness!


After arriving at our designated time, I was given a wristband with a unique barcode, this was to be used a couple of times during the adventure, where we had the opportunity to take up various photographic poses in front of a green screen, and these are put very beautifully into a photo album at the end of your journey, so make sure they get your best side!


The first character that we met was the Shrektacular conductor who has to be THE happiest person I have ever met, the girls were particularly impressed as she stayed happy throughout the entire time we were there and didn’t drop character once.

She was the only character we were able to photograph, as photography is not permitted throughout the adventure, past this point ( I wonder how many photos of her there are in the world!)

DSC00694 DSC00695

The first part of the Adventure takes place on Donkeys Magical 4D Flying Bus, complete with very funky eyewear, which didn’t fall off during the very bumpy flight!

After a very magical journey we departed and continued on our adventure, where we met lots of the girls favourite characters, Eowyn was particularly taken with Sleeping Beauty, but not so keen on the torturing of Pinocchio (you have to take the journey for it all to make sense!) nor the scary green witches or Rumpelstiltskin….

We were treated to 10 live fairy tale themed encounters, and all of these were brilliant.

And of course at the end

They All Lived Happily Ever After, or did they….

All four of us enjoyed the Adventure, (well most of it), Eowyn has used the word terrifying a few times, but she is a bit of a drama queen!

After you leave the Shrek story, there are various other Dreamworks Characters that you can take selfies with, or get mum to take them!

DSC00702 DSC00698

DSC00697      DSC00699 DSC00705      DSC00707 DSC00708      DSC00710 DSC00711

As you can see, they had great fun taking photos with all of the other Dreamworks Characters.

Before you leave, you are shown your very own Travel Journal, priced at £25, but 20% cheaper if you are a Merlin Pass Holder .

DSC_0502 (5) DSC_0504 (4)

I would definitely recommend this for families who are looking for an afternoon of fun and family time, each of the different settings ensured everyone had a favourite character or moment to relay to their friends.

It is recommended that you prebook a time slot, to ensure you are able to get in at the time you require, further information can be found here

Have you visited Shrek’s Adventure ?

Disclaimer: We were provided free entry to Shrek’s Adventure for the purpose of this review, all thoughts and opinions are our own.


Discover Stonehenge and lots more with Membership to English Heritage


Walk in the footsteps of your Neolithic ancestors at Stonehenge – one of the wonders of the world and the best-known prehistoric monument in Europe. Explore the ancient landscape on foot and step inside the Neolithic Houses to discover the tools and objects of everyday Neolithic life. Visit the world-class exhibition and visitor centre with 250 ancient objects and come face to face with a 5,500 year-old man.

For more information about Stonehenge and what to do there, take a look here.

With an English Heritage Membership, you can enjoy unlimited access to Stonehenge along with over 400 other historic places across England. Take a look here to find the perfect membership for you and your family. Enjoy 10% off  Annual and Gift Memberships this month with voucher code EH2016.


Disneyland Paris for Under 5s

If you are a regular reader of Big family Little Adventures, you will know that we had an amazing trip to Disneyland Paris at Easter, they enjoyed it so much, they are wanting to go again at Christmas! Are you Disneyland Paris Fans or do you have another favourite, the guys over at My Voucher Codes have put together a funky infographic to help you decide which is your favourite Disney Park.

Here is our guide for rides for the Under 5’s.

Dumbo the Flying Elephant

One of Disney’s most beloved characters recreated as a charming version of the classic ‘Flying Elephant’ ride. With space for multiple people on one Elephant, the ride is great for families as young children grin at spinning and flying around, while their parents can enjoy the view of Fantasyland


It’s a Small World

Inside the Clocktower at the back of the park is a picturesque and colourful boat ride through the countries of the world. With such a huge amount of things to look at, you’ll want to ride it again just to make sure you didn’t miss anything (Just be careful, as the song is guaranteed to be stuck in your head for hours). Also, due to it taking place entirely inside, it’s a good place to visit if the weather gets bad.

its a small world

Le Pays des Contes de Fées (The Land of Fairytales)

Tucked in the corner of Fantasyland, a peaceful boat ride through a small lake shows you iconic scenes from both old and New Disney stories with miniature sets and characters. It’s frequently updated to show new ones, with the addition of places like Rapunzel’s tower from Tangled. The boats are very large, able to fit up to 9 people, so you’re comfortably able to get the whole family aboard.

les pay


Pilot your very own spaceship, inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci’s visionary drawing of the Solar System, each spaceship fits an adult and a child, and is great for little ones, if the older children are on Space Mountain, the queues for Orbitron look very long, but there are lots of spaceships, so it doesn’t take long to get onboard, the young children love to be in charge of the controls, making mums feel slightly sick!


Slinky Dog

Zig Zag Spin In the heart of the studio’s Toy Story Land is Slinky Dog, straight from the films. Sit on his back as he loops around and around while trying to chase his tail. A ride that’s slow enough for young children but still very exciting.

slinky dog

Casey Jr- Circus Train

Hop aboard the Circus Train from Dumbo to take a trip around the storybook area. This ride is combined with the Land of Fairytales and takes you higher up to see some of the other miniature sets. The ride is suitable for young children but is surprisingly fast for a small ride.

casey jr

Cars Quatre Roues Rallye

Race alongside Lightning McQueen, through Radiator Springs, going round and round and in and out, it looks quite a gentle ride, but they are very strict about having a fully grown adult riding with a young child (not a teenager that is taller than me!)


So, that’s our lowdown on the rides for the under 5s, check back soon for the 5+


Scorching Summer Giveaway

Stitched Panorama

Hello Lovely Readers, I hope you are all enjoying the Summer Holidays, the weather in the East has been very unpredictable to say the least, it really is a case of wait and see when you get up in the morning!

But I have something that will certainly brighten your day!

As the weather turns colder, we decided to host a fabulous competition ‘Scorching Summer Giveaway’ to win some much needed Amazon Vouchers.
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a Rafflecopter giveaway

#ScoobyDooLive is Here!


Calling all Scooby Doo fans!

This week, for four days only (18-21 Aug) Scooby Doo Live will be playing at the London Palladium, and I have five very excited children to prove it!

There are three shows per day at 10.30am, 13.00 and 15.30, so lots of performances to choose from, and with special post show VIP Meet and Greets available, this is the perfect Day Out for any Scooby Fan!

Boston for Families

Following on from my post about things to do in Amsterdam for families, this week I am taking a look at Boston.

It is definitely a place I would love to visit with the family, there are so many things to see and do, and with a big emphasis on animals, you know that Boston is the type of place The Morrison brood would adore!

Franklin Park Zoo

I always find it funny that you can find zoos in the most unusual places, the ones near us are very much out in the countryside, but Franklin Park Zoo is literally in the middle of the city! 72 acres of animals, that make you feel like you are in the middle of the jungle, not in a busy city!


The element I most love about this zoo is the fact that you can walk through different continents, whereas most of them in the UK concentrate on one particular area. They also have one of my favourite endangered animals the Grevys Zebras, which I was admiring last week whilst at our local zoo, so anyone that is involved in the protection of these beautiful animals has my vote. Not to mention the Rhino Rescue 6D adventure, the children would love it!

But like every zoo, they also have the farmyard, we can’t have Neva missing out on her goat obsession.

New England Aquarium

Next stop would have to be the Aquarium as the children are huge penguin fans, located perfectly on the waterfront, this interactive complex is another perfect place for a large animal loving family like ours, although i’m not sure about the shark touch pool! The outdoor harbour Seal sanctuary sounds more like my cup of tea (Boston, Tea get it!)



Asa is a huge map fan, we have more maps than I know what to do with, not just one map of each place, but several from different time periods and yes they are fascinating, but my bookcases are struggling under the weight!


So the mapparium looks perfect, the globe was built in 1935, and its historical accuracy has been preserved through the decades. The gives you a 360 degree view of what the world looked like back in 1935. You can walk right the way through the middle and compare how the world has changed in the last 80 + years, I imagine there will be quite a few differences!

And my favourite of all

The Skywalk Observatory

Imagine being 750 feet up in the air, taking an elevator 50 floors up in ‘the Pru’ to have a complete 360 of Boston, how amazing would that be ?


As much as Asa loves his maps, I would rather see it from above, although after walking round the battlements of a castle last week, i’m not sure Kaide and Eowyn would be so keen, as they seemed to develop a fear of heights!

So those are the sights I would love to visit on a Boston Trip, have you been or are you planning a trip, do you agree with my choices or are there others you would add ?


Ride All Five Roller Coaster Day at Drayton Manor

All of the bigger children LOVE rollercoasters, in fact all seven of the children do, but the younger four are restricted on height at the moment, but once they are tall enough there will be no stopping them!  On Tuesday 16th August, it is Roller Coaster Day at Drayton Manor Park  they are challenging their  visitors to the ultimate coaster championship challenge to conquer all 5, with the chance of getting a free return trip. Visitors can spin and loop-the-loop their way round the park. You’d have to be completely helter-skelter not to take this challenge!

Ben 10 image

When you arrive, visit Guest services and pick up a stamp card, then work out your route to achieve the task in hand!

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it is to ride G-Force, Shockwave, Ben 10: Ultimate Coaster, The Buffalo and Troublesome Trucks, then return the card before 4.30pm, but there are only a limited number of free passes available, so dynamic mapping is the key! All riders must be 1.4,m, so this challenge is for the big kids amongst you!

FREE USE if promoting Drayton Manor FFI Sue Bailey 01527 579555 Please credit the photographer, Photo by Tony Charnock www.tonycharnock.co.uk www.tonycharnock.com (01527) 544614 07770 48 48 88

Photo by Tony Charnock

But that’s not all  Richard Shepherd, ride manager extraordinaire, is hosting a live blog from 12pm to 2pm on Drayton Manor’s Facebook page to answers people’s burning roller coaster questions. Are you a coaster aficionado and want to know technical information on how much g-force our rides have? Or maybe you’re interested in knowing all about Drayton’s rides’ history? It’s a chance to go behind the scenes at the UK’s favourite family owned and run attraction.


The park opens at 9.30am and rides open at 10.30am. For the best prices book seven or more days in advance by visiting www.draytonmanor.co.uk or calling 0844 472 1950. For regular updates and news about Drayton Manor Park join it on Twitter and Facebook .

Will you be visiting, let me know if you do and if you achieve the Rollercoaster Five.


#WIN Family Ticket for 4 to Pleasure Island, Cleethorpes

Continuing with our great places to visit during the summer holidays, we have a family ticket for Pleasure Island up for grabs!

If you are looking for a day out that all the family can enjoy then look no further.  Pleasure Island, Cleethorpes boasts rides and attractions for all the family from the mildest roundabouts to the wildest white knuckle thrillers. Enjoy a great family day out this year at Pleasure Island as it promises to be bigger and better than ever before.


“Furry Friends Farm” is a superb 5 acre development providing home to all your farmyard favourites including pygmy goats and their kids, Shetland ponies with attitude plus adorable piglets and there’s also a tractor ride for the younger children. More exotic residents include alpacas and emus.

pleasure island-00258strata

If it’s the fast and furious you crave then head for the free falling Hyperblaster, the Boomerang rollercoaster, the high flying HydroMax, the stomach churning Obliterator or even the top spinning Pendulus.  However, if you prefer your two feet firmly on the ground then why not take your seat at our amazing shows and be entertained by our resident sea lions or our cheeky parrots or even our very own African Acrobats. There’s oodles of family rides too such as the traditional carousel, the waltzers, the dodgems, the pirate ship and so much more.

The new Pendulus ride at Pleasure Island in Cleethorpes.

The new Pendulus ride at Pleasure Island in Cleethorpes.

To end the season Pleasure Island will be hosting its 6th firework event.  On Saturday, October 29th come along to our Halloween Spooktacular and enjoy rides in the dark as well as a fantastic firework display.  This event was a sell out in previous years so to avoid disappointment we recommend purchasing tickets early.

To win a family ticket for up to 4 people, enter below. If you are not lucky enough to win the ticket or you can’t wait until the competition closes, Pleasure Island have kindly given my wonderful readers a voucher for £5 off per person (maximum of 4 people). Just click here and print.
Family Ticket for 4 to Pleasure Island

Good Luck

Closing Date 21st August 2016

#WIN Family ticket for 4 to Pleasurewood HIlls

Our most local theme park is Pleasurewood Hills, you can read more about the park over on Hex Mum.

Set within 50 acres of enclosed coastal park land, and only 10 minutes from the glorious beaches of Great Yarmouth, Pleasurewood Hills has something for the entire family, from the very adorable Sealion and Parrot shows, through to the very adult Hobs Pit (I DARE you to try it!)

parrot show sealion show

For the brave upside down people, there is Wipeout, and the more sedate ride of Woody’s Teacups, it really is a great family day out.

woodys tea party    hobs pit

If Pleasurewood Hills sounds like a place you would like to visit then why not enter our giveaway below

Good Luck x

Closing Date 18.08.16

Family Ticket to Pleasurewood Hills