Gizmo Saves Christmas! #pugmas

       gizmo Gizmo vs Cuddles cuddles

Have you seen this years Christmas Advert from Vision Direct ?

We are huge Dog fans in our house (much more than cats), and the younger children have a particular fondness for Pugs, so you can imagine their delight when they watched this one!

I am not usually a cat fan, but Cuddles is extra cute and fluffy.

I love the competition between them both for their Christmas decorations, it sort of reminds me of the school gates and some parent’s need to play one up, although if this happened to all of them, it could prove quite entertaining!

When I sat and watched it for the first time, I did actually laugh out loud and Xene who was sat opposite me asked what I was laughing at!

There are so many Christmas adverts every year, but this one is definitely in my top 3 of 2016, have you seen it yet, if not, press that little arrow above.

And if you are looking for some activities during the festive period, head over to Vision Direct where you can check out their new glasses range and join in some great activities and giveaways on their Advent Calendar.

Wishing you all a Merry #Pugmas xxx

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