How to Be as Sustainable as Possible While Travelling

Travelling is a great way to experience the world and all it has to offer. But, it’s easy to rack up carbon emissions if you’re jet-setting around the globe.

With so many people increasing their focus on sustainability, how can you satisfy your need to travel while taking care of the planet?

Thankfully, it’s easier than you might think.

By taking sustainable actions during your travels, and even when you’re at home, you can offset some of the “damage” done through typical travel methods, and make your trips more sustainable. Let’s look at a few ways to put some green ideas into practice.

Choose the Right Destinations

Did you know that where you go can have an impact on how eco-friendly your travels are? The most sustainable destinations across the globe focus heavily on natural excursions. They allow their visitors to explore the beauty nature has to offer. Some of the best destinations for sustainable travel include:

  • Costa Rica
  • Tasmania
  • Galapagos
  • Portugal
  • Aruba

One of the great things about these places is that they are all set up for adventure and relaxation. You could spend your morning checking out turtles in Galapagos and your afternoon lounging on the beach.

The Most Sustainable Forms of Travel

How you travel is just as important as where you’re going. Air travel is often the only option for people who want to visit different countries. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most damaging when it comes to carbon emissions.

If you have to travel by airplane, consider ways to offset your carbon emissions (we’ll touch on that next!). Or, do your research ahead of time on sustainable airlines, like KLM. They use biofuel to power their planes, which is a step in the right direction.

If you really want to leave a smaller carbon footprint, consider an alternate form of transportation like a train. It’s a great way to see the country and gives off a fraction of the carbon emissions of a plane.

Practice Eco-Friendly Habits

No matter where you go or how you get there, one of the best things you can do is to take active steps that will offset your carbon emissions.

What does that mean?

Offsetting is the practice of doing something good for the planet to counteract something that could cause problems. For example, if you fly on a plane, you could offset that trip by donating to a sustainable organization. Or, you could offset it by changing your everyday habits to be more sustainable.

While you’re on your travels, choose to recycle wherever you go. Every place has its own regulations when it comes to what can and can’t be recycled, so do your research ahead of time, especially in different countries, and make a point to recycle almost everything you use. You can also carbon offset by changing the way you eat, both during your travels and at home.

Climate change is becoming a serious problem all over the world and is becoming more expensive every day. One of the significant contributors to greenhouse gasses is the livestock industry. By choosing to go vegan, vegetarian, or even cutting back on your meat purchases/consumption, you can help to reduce that impact. Even giving up meat one or two days a week can make a difference. You can also save money.

There are many ways to be more eco-friendly while you’re traveling, and they are habits you can continue at home, too. Some quick and easy changes include:

  • Taking shorter showers
  • Avoiding single-use plastic
  • Using eco-friendly utensils when traveling
  • Choosing sustainable fashion brands
  • Unplugging unused electronics
  • Using public transportation or carpooling to work
  • Choosing local food options whenever possible

So, you don’t have to give up your passion for travel just because you want to live a sustainable lifestyle. Keep these tips in mind on your next trip, and you can feel good about continuing your adventures around the world.

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