Making Your Budget Work with a Moissanite Gemstone

Have you considered buying an engagement ring in recent times? Having sought for the one to call yours, do you wonder what kind of ring is befitting to adorn her with? Moissanites rings are increasingly considered the go to rings for engagements and other ceremonies. Anyone in your shoes knows to get a ring that is quality and affordable. Moissanites rings ranks high in quality and affordability; easing your concerns about what choice of ring is best.

Where Do Moissanites Come From?

Moissanite was found over a century ago and is produced from silicon carbide which exists naturally. Silicon carbide in itself is not equivalent to moissanite. However, with a certain scientific process carried out; it becomes the precious jewel; moissanite. The only company with legal right to sell moissanite is that owned by Charles and Colvard. Thus, all manufacture and distribution not traced back to the company is to be treated as fraudulent.

Moissanites is graded a 9.5 on the Mohs hardness scale which comes close to diamonds which is graded 10 on the same scale. Therefore, you can put on your moissanite ring with just as much confidence you’ve have wearing a diamond ring. The toughness of the moissanite ensures that it can be used for a long time without yielding to the elements.

Delving into Moissanite Properties

Moissanites are jewels in their own right. They are not diamond replicas or fake diamonds. The true worth of moissanites is understood when its uniqueness is placed side by side with the worth of a diamond, in comparison. Its double refractive property is responsible for its brilliance. Its durability, shine, and lowered cost of purchase makes it even more unique.

The brilliance and beauty of this gemstone goes a long way in defining the moment. Moissanite is versatile in nature with a white, rose gold or yellow tint. The gemstone is resistant to heat; the damage that could be caused by exposure to heat is eliminated. Its toughness also confers on it a unique resistance to damage which other precious stones might be subject to when it is worked on by a jeweller or afterwards during use.

Is There Anything Else Worth Noting About Moissanites?

Light reflection and refraction in moissanite are different when compared to diamond. The double refractive properties present in moissanite, it appears to be brighter than diamond. This is due to the fact that it can refract twice the amount of light a diamond can reflect or refract. Thus, the moissanite tends to sparkle in the light.

The reflective ability of moissanite makes it give off light in an array of colours; a rainbow effect in a way. However, appreciating this particular feature of a moissanite is dependent on personal taste. The white refraction of a diamond is preferred by some people to the glorious display of colours. The appearance of a diamond is classic in itself. But that does not dispute the glow of a moissanite or make it inferior in any way. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to go shopping and pick the right gemstone for your lady.


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