Best Eco Friendly Travel Utensils

When we look at the contents of our kitchens, we quickly realize that they are full of products that are harmful to the environment: plastic straws and cutlery, Teflon pans, aluminium foil.

Best Eco Friendly Travel Utensils

What if we changed our bad habits by replacing our utensils and accessories with eco-friendly equivalents? To adopt the reflexes of good ecological cooking. It is essential to have the right utensils. Indeed, ecological kitchen utensils can inspire their user to orient their kitchen towards new, more sustainable horizons.

Choose from all our ecological & natural kitchen utensils, available in wood and stainless steel: spoon, spatula, salt shaker, citrus press, brush, rolling pin, salt mill, pepper mill, Knife, Peeler, and grater. Many small accessories and useful ecological & natural kitchen utensils will greatly facilitate your work in the kitchen!

Let’s start with the most common accessories: for utensils such as spoons, spatula, cutting boards, or salad servers, wood is once again the most ecological alternative.

Besides being less polluting, this material is much prettier than colourful plastic with a cheap look.

As for the containers, you can replace the traditional Tupperware with glass or stoneware containers that can be closed using wrap paper.

The wrap, kesako? It is simply a fabric impregnated with beeswax, ideal for covering jars and various containers but also for wrapping food. It, therefore, replaces both plastic lids and aluminium foil, so polluting for the planet!

This wooden cutlery set is 100% throwaway, recyclable, compostable as well as renewable. These are completely ordinary and do not consist of any plastics or destructive chemicals.

Displays everybody that being ecologically responsible can also be casual, elegant, and fashionable. Just throw this wooden cutlery set away after the first usage.

Have the mental satisfaction that you would not have with plastic are 100% ordinary, BPA-free, and do not consist of any kind of toxins or destructive chemicals that can percolate and infect your food.

Some possible risks of BPA include weakened fetal development, decreased sperm counts, reformed functions of reproductive organs, plumpness, and higher rates of cancer.

These cotton buds are 100% biodegradable and made from sustainable bamboo, and it is an ideal alternative to plastic buds.

This cutlery set consists of Knife, spoon, fork, straw, cleaning brush, chopstick made up of natural bamboo material. These are used to reduce plastic use. The green bag which contains this set is made from jute.

These bamboo straws are 100% BPA free while eliminating single-use plastic straws. These bamboo straws are organic, strong, and durable, and they are sustainably grown.

  • Mother’s Vault Bamboo Toothbrush

These biodegradable bamboo handles of this toothbrush are frivolous and comfy. Beeswax covering prevents damage making your bamboo toothbrush flat and sturdy. The handles are slightly curved for a comfortable fit and improved brush control. The curvy design of this toothbrush supports your gums to eliminate plaque and bacteria from your teeth.

This wooden mug is handcrafted; each conventionally encouraged kuksa has its own exclusive design—Camp coffee on a cold winter morning, from a concrete piece of a normal, handcrafted wooden mug.  With a holding capacity of approximately 220ml, this mug finds the ideal balance among super frivolous packability and uneven sturdiness. With a regular weight of 6 oz, there is no justification for ever leaving this extravagance stuff behind. It is completely ecological and BPA free. The set comes with a wood cup or mug, candid, complete grain leather lanyard, a carabineer, and care instructions.

This cup is built from ordinary rubberwood, engraved from one solid piece, even a surface with pastoral grain, exclusive design with two holding holes and a leather cord, stress-free hang on a backpack or kitchen. It has a holding capacity of 200 ml, size is 6 inches in length x 3.5 inches in height, a seamless balance amongst super frivolous and packability, making a pleasant moveable drinking mug in all places. It is a Nordic style and an artless wooden mug in elusive look, attending you or your family for a warm milk or morning coffee, as well as a pleasant decoration in home and office.

These packs of four cup cover are made of bamboo material, and the color is brown. Not only do the cup lids avoid dust from entering towards the inside of the cup as well as retain your beverage warm for a small-time, but also be utilized as a cup mat. There are numerous clear lines present on the surface and no refining.

These pack of 125 plates is built from collected dropped palm leaves, eco-friendly palm leaf plates are the greatest substitute to paper, plastic, bamboo, wooden plates. The complete set for 25 guests consists of forks as well as knives and 50 napkins. These are durable, leak-free ordinary throwaway plates that hold their shape and consist of sauces with no wooden plate container. Relish your event without the trouble of dishwashing; Pastoral decomposable leaf plates provide accessibility with a subordinate ecological impact than bamboo or wooden plates.

These recyclable palm leaf set is manufactured utilizing finest leaves for an additional durable result. This means that you would not have to pact with disorganized mishaps at your party, and the heavyweight design also gives you to microwave-safe as well as dishwasher-safe accessibility. These ecological elegant throwaway plates are entirely free from chemicals that contaminate into food or binders that negotiate biodegradability. This bamboo supportable palm leaf biological plates set biodegrades quicker than others in almost 60 days, is completely eco-friendly, and securely burnable. Creating it perfect for throwing away in fire pits at summer camps or lodges.

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