Decorate Your Christmas Tree as a Pro Designer

With Christmas just around the corner, the hustle and bustle of holiday preparations are in full swing. Yet, at the heart of every Christmas celebration stands the elegant and towering Christmas tree.

This evergreen tree that graces winter is a sign of undying life; it always holds a place of significance in our households during Christmas. So, if you are looking to add some extra glamour to your Christmas tree this season but do not want to waste money on hiring a professional designer.

Here are some Christmas tree decorating Ideas that will help give you a tree that is fit to be displayed on the front cover of a magazine.

Get the Right Tree

Before you begin decorating, you first need to find the right tree. Whether you choose an artificial or real Christmas tree doesn’t matter. Instead, it is essential to place it in a good spot and make sure its best side is visible.

Suppose you want a real Christmas tree. You can buy one from a Christmas market or a local nursery. Alternatively, you can order a Christmas tree delivery from a company online.

Another option is to buy a potted tree and plant it in your garden in spring. Whether you pick a fir, pine, or spruce tree, it should have a sticky trunk and green needles that don’t fall easily when you shake it.

Remember, you must water your real Christmas tree daily to ensure it doesn’t dry out.

On the other hand, if you pick an artificial tree, you must adjust the branches vertically to fill all the gaps and not expose any tree joints. You need to ensure all the needle clusters are straightened before decorating.

Decide on a Theme for a Memorable Christmas

As you stand before the bare canvas of your Christmas tree, choosing a theme holds the key to transforming it into a festive masterpiece. 

While picking a theme for your Christmas tree may limit your decorating ability, it will give it much-needed elegance.

You can choose themes like angels, snowflakes, nutcrackers, shoes or anything else that will bring out the essence of Christmas. Here are some tips on how to have a themed Christmas this year:

Explore a Variety of Themes

Beyond the familiar allure of angels, snowflakes, nutcrackers, and shoes, your Christmas tree can become a captivating narrative of diverse themes.

Return to the past with a nostalgic theme, adorning the tree with ornaments with sentimental value and recalling cherished memories.

Alternatively, bring the outdoors inside by embracing a nature-inspired theme, featuring ornaments resembling woodland creatures and pinecones for a serene and natural ambience.

Personalised Expressions

Make your Christmas tree uniquely reflect your personality and interests by crafting a personalised theme.

Let your tree tell a story about favourite movies, beloved books, sports, or travel destinations.

This adds a unique touch to your decorations and fosters a sense of connection and shared experiences among family members.

Layering for Visual Harmony

Elevate your tree’s visual appeal by layering themes. Merge classic Christmas elements like angels or snowflakes with modern motifs for a dynamic and visually intriguing display.

The harmonious combination of timeless symbols with contemporary items adds depth to your tree, turning it into a captivating centrepiece that sparks conversations and admiration.

Annual Theme Rotation

Inject a sense of excitement into your holiday traditions by changing themes each year.

Embrace the versatility of the season, exploring whimsical themes one year and sentimental themes the next.

This annual rotation keeps the decorating experience fresh and engaging and allows for a diverse exploration of the holiday spirit.

Harmonising with Home Decor

Ensure your chosen theme doesn’t clash with your home decor and creates a harmonious and visually pleasing environment.

Consider your living space’s existing colour palette and style when selecting a theme.

This thoughtful coordination elevates the aesthetic impact of your Christmas tree, turning it into an integral part of your overall home decor.

Weaving in Family Traditions

Infuse your Christmas tree theme with the richness of family traditions. Incorporate handmade ornaments passed down through generations or introduce cultural elements that hold sentimental value.

This blend of old and new traditions adds meaning to your decorations and fosters a sense of continuity and connection with the past.

Try A Colour Scheme

Christmas is a time of joy and cheer. So, bring out the merriness of this season by choosing a pleasing colour scheme for your tree.

You could decide to go all red or all green, or you could have red and gold, red and silver, pink and white, or any other combination that would suit the occasion.

Based on the colour scheme you pick, the Christmas bells and other decorations will have to match.

Just like decorations and ornaments, the colour scheme you choose should compliment the room where you place the tree is essential.

You can dabble with some non-traditional designer ornament colours that are out this year to give your tree a trendy designer look.

Decorate Your Tree With Lights

One way to give your tree a professional finish is to use clear or white, non-blinking lights. Place the Christmas lights evenly by stringing them toward the trunk and then out toward each branch.

Use at least 100 mini lights to place artistically at the foot of the tree to give it the desired effect. You can even add additional lights to a pre-lit tree.

Add one set of blinking white lights around the tree trunk to give the tree a sparkle effect. Make sure all your lights are working correctly.

Adding one or two strands of lights that are slightly bigger than the mini lights will give it an excellent finish.

Garland Your Tree

You can put a garland or ribbon running over your tree from the top to the bottom, tucking it into the tree about every 2 feet.

You can also run the ribbon in a circle around the outside of the tree. Using decorative or floral mesh will give your tree a whole new look.

Ornaments For Your Tree

There are several things you should keep in mind when it comes to decorating your Christmas tree with ornaments and toys. Here are some tips to consider:

Stick to Your Colour Scheme

While putting up the Christmas tree ornaments, you must keep to the colour scheme you selected.

It will help keep the harmony and evoke a sense of coordination and elegance.

You can experiment with shades and tones within your chosen colour palette to add depth and dimension to your tree’s overall aesthetic.

Play with Size for Impact

Consider incorporating ornaments slightly larger than the average ones to stand out from the crowd, especially if your Christmas tree reaches towering heights of 7 feet or more.

This variation in size adds visual interest and creates a more dynamic and eye-catching display.

Mix and match sizes strategically, placing larger ornaments where they can make the most impact and draw attention.

Diversify with Multi-Pack Ornaments

Opt for multi-pack ornaments to introduce a variety of styles to your tree without breaking the bank.

These packs often come in different shapes, patterns, and shades, allowing you to experiment with diverse ornament designs.

Not only are they cost-effective, but they also provide a convenient way to achieve a cohesive yet varied look on your tree.

Natural Elements for a Fresh Touch

One way you can infuse a touch of nature into your tree is to incorporate items like pine cones, twigs, or grapevine.

These natural elements add texture and lend your tree a fresh-from-the-forest appeal.

Intersperse them among the ornaments to create a balanced and visually engaging composition that brings the outdoors inside.

Strategic Placement for Maximum Impact

Consider placing generic ornaments towards the middle of the tree and unique, standout ornaments towards the outer edges when arranging your ornaments.

This arrangement draws the eye outward, creating balance and ensuring that the distinctive pieces immediately capture attention.

Delicate glass icicles can be strategically hung to impart a charming and delicate appearance to your tree.

Piece-by-Piece Decoration with Symmetry

Approach the decoration of your tree with care and intention, treating it as a canvas to be adorned piece by piece.

Pay attention to symmetry and spacing to achieve a well-balanced and visually pleasing result.

Step back periodically to assess the overall look, making adjustments to maintain a cohesive and well-coordinated appearance.

The Tree Topper

Last but not least, you need to top off your tree with something nice. It could be a traditional star, a fancy bow, Christmas tree angels, a Santa or anything else.

But somehow, the best toppers that are still in demand are the Christmas tree angels. However, you can also forego the tree topper to give your tree a more natural look.

Staying Traditional With Decorations

Though you want to give your tree a professional look, keeping some Christmas tree decorating traditions that have persisted for a long time is good.

Instead of adorning your house only with professionally made items, do some decorations yourself like in the old days.

Hang some holly and ivy around the house. Make decorations with coloured paper or foil together with your family.

After all, this is the essence of Christmas – people coming together to celebrate Christ’s birth.


As the festive season approaches, transforming your Christmas tree into a mesmerising centrepiece with decorations and ornaments is an elaborate project.

Elevating this cherished tradition into a work of art can be done without a professional touch.

All you need is passion, creativity, and a thoughtful approach. It’s all about keeping the holiday spirit alive, from selecting the right tree—a majestic fir or a slender pine—to the meticulous arrangement of ornaments, lights, and garlands.

Whether you stay traditional or embrace modern trends, let your Christmas tree become a canvas for joy, tradition, and the season’s magic. Happy decorating!

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