Sleeping Beauty: The Fairy’s Tale Panto at Norwich Theatre

Last night Eowyn and I went along to the Press/Influencer night at Norwich Theatre to watch this years Norwich Panto Sleeping Beauty. Oh Yes we Did!

Oh, you think you know the story of Sleeping Beauty? Well, think again!

It’s our Princess’ 18th birthday and her mother, the Queen, is throwing her a royal celebration. But it’s not long before the Evil Fairy ruins the party with a curse to send the Princess into an eternal sleep. There’s only one thing that can save her… and she’d probably like it to be a smooch from the handsome Prince that she longs to meet.

With the Princess asleep it’s down to the Queen and the Good Fairy to find a suitable Prince and discover the real meaning of true love. Let’s hope they don’t encounter any mild inconveniences along the way.. and that they definitely don’t burst into spontaneous songs of West End musical quality!

Everyone knows the story of Sleeping Beauty, the curse, the spinning wheel, the sleep, and true loves kiss! But not every fairy tale is told the same, on this occasion it’s a trainee fairy telling the tale, and its up to him to tell you how it actually went down!

Norwich panto sleeping beauty : The Fairy's Tale

Photo Credit : Richard Jarmy

At the start of the production you are introduced to the Evil Fairy played by Beverley Callard and the Good Fairy played by Joe Tracini.

Photo Credit : Richard Jarmy

Both were excellent in their respective roles, Beverley’s evil laugh and wicked ways were in perfect contrast to the sparkly, bubbly trainee Good Fairy with a very captivating tail!

Photo Credit : AJ Feather Photography

The Queen was played by Richard Gauntlett, who is returning for his 23rd year, and you can see why, he is the perfect dame with the most flamboyant frocks to match.(Although his quip about Scary Great Yarmouth was a little too much!)

It has all the traditional parts of the pantomime with lots of boos, hisses and ‘Oh No He Didn’t’s’ to keep the entire theatre transfixed throughout, no matter the age of the audience member.

Photo Credit : AJ Feather Photography

Millie O’Connell played Sleeping Beauty, she took on the role spectacularly, which is nothing more than I expected, after watching her in the original SIX and as Babe in The Cher Show. The Girl Can Sing! And shes an amazing dancer too, although I did keep expecting her to tell them not to lose their heads!

Photo Credit : Richard Jarmy

The Prince was played by Karl Queensborough, star of Hamilton, he was brilliant, the perfect prince, with a little bit of Alexander thrown in and not forgetting Ken! He had the audience in stitches from the moment he appeared on the conveyor belt behind the cuddly toy!

Photo Credit : Richard Jarmy

The ensemble and Junior ensemble were all excellent, so much energy and glitter in one place!

Photo Credit : Richard Jarmy

Not forgetting Trevor Lin and Munch, I mean where else would you expect to find a Green and Yellow Canary! Maybe they should keep him as a good luck charm after NCFC winning 3-1 last night!

If you are looking for an afternoon or evening of fun, sequins, confetti and laughter, then this is definitely one to go and see.

And don’t forget to check out the merch kiosk, filled with glittery, sparkly, flashing accessories to add to the Panto Norwich Extravaganza (although if you do have flashing fairy wings on, be sure to switch them off during the Panto, so the people behind you don’t have to watch a show with them flashing in their faces!)

AND finally…don’t forget the beautiful wishing well in the main foyer, make a wish and keep the joy of creativity alive by donating to the Christmas Appeal

Sleeping Beauty : The Fairy’s Tale is taking place until 7th January 2024, you can purchase tickets HERE

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