Decorate Your Christmas Tree as a Pro Designer

With Christmas just around the corner, the hustle and bustle of holiday preparations are in full swing. Yet, at the heart of every Christmas celebration stands the elegant and towering Christmas tree. This evergreen tree that graces winter is a sign of undying life; it always holds a place of significance in our households during … Read more

Helmingham Hall Illuminated Garden Trail

Light Trails are becoming a popular start to the Christmas Festivities, creating a timeless experience, with tunnels of light, glow trails and captivating light trail installations. On Friday evening we went along to Helmingham Hall Illuminated Garden Trail, its was our first time of visiting, and we discovered a magical world of light, colour and … Read more

Luminate Sandringham 2023

The festive season has officially begun and Luminate Sandringham returns, it was a much loved rural retreat of her majesty, and now also known as a dark outdoor light trail to creative special festive memories. Nestled deep within Sandringham Estate, you will find a spectacular, illuminated trail, full of wonder and intrigue, to delight and … Read more