Bucket List 2018

I am sat here looking out of the window at a completely white garden, the snow has fallen all night and all the children have a snow day. Whilst it is lovely and pretty to look at, I am quite glad I don’t have to traipse out and collect any children! The older ones are … Read more

Healthcare Considerations When Travelling with Children

Taking Medication Abroad Needs Some Careful Planning When you travel with your kids, it is an entirely different experience from travelling alone, and a lot more stressful. You will do all you can to keep them safe, but kids tend to get into trouble easily, and you need to be prepared for their cuts and … Read more

Top Tips For Going Abroad with School Age Children

Thinking Of taking holidays in school time ? Taking children on holiday abroad can be a very interesting and informative trip, obviously with the situation about taking children out during term time, you have to weigh up the pros and cons of going abroad, consider the amount of fine you will get (£60 per child, … Read more

Looking for A Relaxing Summer Holiday ?

As you will all know by now, as a larger than average family, we struggle with accommodation, we no longer fit in a caravan, unless it has 4 bedrooms and sleeps 10, which are very few and far between. Hotels sometimes have adjacent rooms that have an interconnecting door, although that is a risk, when … Read more

The Big Family British Road Trip

As a a much larger than average family, it’s quite difficult to just hop on an aeroplane or boat and go off around the world, so our little adventures tend to be mainly in this country, and there’s nothing better than a Great British Road Trip. Living by the sea we are very spoilt, although … Read more