Looking for A Relaxing Summer Holiday ?

As you will all know by now, as a larger than average family, we struggle with accommodation, we no longer fit in a caravan, unless it has 4 bedrooms and sleeps 10, which are very few and far between. Hotels sometimes have adjacent rooms that have an interconnecting door, although that is a risk, when … Read more

The Big Family British Road Trip

As a a much larger than average family, it’s quite difficult to just hop on an aeroplane or boat and go off around the world, so our little adventures tend to be mainly in this country, and there’s nothing better than a Great British Road Trip. Living by the sea we are very spoilt, although … Read more

Travelling to Disneyland Paris on Eurostar with seven children!

If you are considering Disneyland Paris Eurostar with a larger than average family, read how we got on check out our hints and tips for a great trip In April 2016, we had an amazing (but exhausting) trip to Disneyland Paris to celebrate my 40th birthday. I’m guessing by the sheer look of horror on … Read more