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Have You Tried Gallerist ?

If, like me you are always searching for the perfect picture to accompany a blog post or a social media article, then this may just be the place to go!

Gallerist is a fantastic app that allows you to search through numerous amazing photographs that have been uploaded and available to purchase. This is perfect for me as I am not the best photographer YET!

If you do have amazing photography skills, Gallerist also allows you to register as a seller and you can put your own work on there available for others to purchase, so it really does suit everyone.

Its so simple to use:

  • download the app on IOS or Android.
  • Join by creating a new account or by signing in using social media authentication (Facebook, Twitter etc)
  • Once you’ve signed in, decide if you want to be a seller or a buyer (or both!)
  • start using Gallerist.

The app is available in Italian, English and Spanish.

For sellers

If you are a content creator and want to sell your images online, Gallerist will be the showcase for your work. Once you’ve chosen the content you want to upload to the site, a preview will be made public to protect you – the author – and the originality of your work.

Your images can be sold to private buyers, who want to use them for anything ranging from personal use to resale, but also to businesses or public entities, who need to buy material for commercial or educational purposes.

For buyers

Do you want to buy images online? At Gallerist you’ll find original material! If you decide to buy on Gallerist the copyright to the content purchased will be yours, so you can decide if you want to resell it or use it for private or commercial purposes.

At Gallerist you can buy images in two different ways: direct purchase, which can be done at any time, or through an online auction.

You can also find out more about Gallerist on their facebook page.

Have you tried this app yet, do you think it will be useful for you, or would you consider putting your own work on there to sell ?

This is a sponsored post

Lava BrightSounds 2 – The Perfect Camping Accessory!

All of the children are obsessed with music, and you can often hear various different songs playing at once! Thankfully, many of them do have similar tastes, with all three girls loving musicals and theatre songs.

It’s great when we are in the house as there are endless plug sockets to recharge their devices and we never run out of power, however, when we are out for a day or we are away camping, keeping our devices charged becomes a little problematic, so I either have to take numerous charging packs, or they have to endure a journey home with no music!

When we were asked if we would like to review a Lava Brightsounds 2 I was very curious to see how it could help me with my music loving family dilemma, and I couldn’t have been happier, in fact we were so pleased with it, Neva has called dibs on it being ‘hers’ and I very rarely catch a glimpse of it (although I can hear it!)

Here’s the lowdown on BrightSounds 2:

The Lava BrightSounds 2 portable light & Bluetooth speaker is your perfect companion for the bedside, while camping or for long evenings in the garden with friends and family.

BrightSounds 2 boasts impressive audio performance while bathing you in the glow of its calming night light. Simply connect to the single 5W speaker via Bluetooth and not only can you play your own tunes you can use BrightSounds 2 as a handsfree device to answer calls. Alternatively connect via the 3.5mm aux-in connection for non-smart devices.

BrightSounds 2 comes with the additional feature of USB charging for your mobile devices.

BrightSounds 2 can run directly from mains power or via the built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery which offers up to 36hrs music playback and 48hrs light function.

If you’re looking to use BrightSounds 2 on the go, you can also rely on the convenient leatherette carry handle and the IPX4 water resistance of the speaker in case the rain tries to ruin your party.

The first thing I struggled with, was which colour to choose, as they are all gorgeous!


It looks very stylish and the sound is great, it was very easy to connect up the music via the bluetooth, and the light is sufficient enough whilst outdoors, without being too intrusive.

Priced at £39.99, I think it represents excellent value for money and a great addition to any camping kit, maybe to take along to a festival, or even just having a barbecue in the garden.

If you would like to purchase one of these magnificent Brightsounds 2 just head over to the website  , if you enter FAMILY5 at the checkout you will save £5 off the price*

*Discount valid until end September 2017

I was sent a Brightsounds 2 in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


Hotter Shoes Store Norwich

I was invited along to Hotter Shoes store in Norwich last month to have a look at their newly refurbished shop and to have a loo at their latest winter collection. I had a pair of Hotter Boots for last winter and although there is absolutely nothing wrong with them and they will be perfectly suitable for this year, a girl can never have enough boots!

Before we visited the shop, I had been looking online to see what new additions there were this year, but I kept coming back to the Hotter Original Mystery Boots, and there is also a special offer that you get a free handbag with any Originals. But I thought I would wait until the actual evening to decide, maybe there were some others that I would like more.

The Hotter  store is located in Gentleman’s Walk, Norwich, it has been open since 2010. Hotter Shoes first store in Southport has performed year after year as the top selling store. However, since the opening of the Norwich store, they have been the highest selling store within the company. The people of East Anglia obviously like comfortable shoes!

We were given a brief history of Hotter, from the very beginning and we learnt why Hotter Shoes are so much more than just a good looking shoe, the actual concepts that are applied to each and every pair, really does ensure you have a #hottermoment when your foot slides into the shoe or boot.

After the presentation, we were then given the opportunity to try on any of the footwear we liked the look of, I tried on a couple of different pairs, but I was still drawn to the Mystery Boots.

As soon as I put my foot into the Tan Mystery Boot, I knew they were the ones, and the fact that they had an offer of a free handbag, was an added bonus, I picked a matching Tan bag, unfortunately there were none in stock, so it was placed on order and arrived just over a week later direct to my home.

As a teenager I am sure many will think of Hotter for the older market, but I can assure you they are super funky and oh so comfortable!

Have you had a Hotter Moment yet ?