Top 10 tips for surviving a flight with kids

If you are not well prepared, flying with kids for a long flight could be an absolute nightmare. However, in most cases, we find it an absolute necessity to bring our kids along on a flight. We should therefore learn how to keep them occupied as kids easily get restless, reckless and outright chaotic sometimes. If you know how to keep them amused, you will not only have a great flight, but an engaging one. This article offers tips on how you can survive a flight with your kids and have a great time doing it.

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Top 10 tips for surviving a flight with kids

1. Keep everything simple

When taking a flight with kids, make sure that what you carry with you is only the basic amenities you will need for your flight. Do not carry many bags that will get in your way at the airport. Carry what you absolutely need only.

2. Build their anticipation

Let the kids be excited about what they are about to do by talking about all the exciting and interesting things they will do and see along the way.

3. Keep the kids comfy

You need to keep the kids comfy by dressing them well in appropriate clothes. Make sure that you dress them for the weather as well. You may carry extra clothing as kids will easily soil what they are wearing.

4. Keep them entertained

Entertainment is important to these kids as it will keep them pre-occupied for the better part of the flight. Carry some toys or download some games on your phone. Some airlines offer entertainment to the kids and this could be really helpful.

5. Distract the kids

When you notice that your kids have started becoming nervous, restless or anxious during the flight, find ways to distract them. Kids are easily distracted. Besides toys, you can come up with creative ways to ensure that they keep calm, check out Adventure Travel Family’s 10 Best Travel Toys for Toddlers on Airplanes

Top 10 tips for surviving a flight with kids

6. Check in early

Do not wait till last minute to drag your kids to an airport for checking in. You will most likely be rushing and under pressure. The kids will also be under undue pressure and this does not usually end well for both parties. Take your time and check in early. Get familiar with the airport and procedures and find time to keep calm.

7. Get comfortable seats

You will need to check and book earlier so that you can get the seats you are looking for. Comfort in the plane also goes a long way to enriching the flying experience. Some airlines will charge more for different kinds of seats so be sure to look out for that.

8. Take many trips to the toilet

You can keep still for a number of hours but your kids cannot and that is why you will need to take them to the loo many times during the duration of the flight or risk them soiling their clothes. Keep asking them to tell you when they feel like they need the bathroom. (even if you think it is just the novelty of the different toilet!)

Top 10 tips for surviving a flight with kids

9. Take breaks between flights

If you are flying long distance, it would be great to take breaks between flights. Use this time to get more snacks and refreshments or simply relax. Kids will also appreciate the chance to relax a bit.

10. Always keep calm

Even when they start making fuss, keep your cool. You will be able to control them easier this way.

Hopefully these tips will help you to have a fun and exciting trip with your children, and remember the better the experience, the more chance of repeating it again.

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