5 Tips To Help You and The Kids Get Over Jet Lag

Travelling as a family leads to unforgettable memories but also to cranky kids who can’t get over jet lag. And when you’re tired and sleep deprived too, you might not be able to handle your big family either. To avoid the late-night headache, here’s how the whole family can handle and get over jet lag.

Get over jet lag avoid coffee

Avoid Caffeine and Sugar To get Over Jet lag

Sure, the coffee you drank in the morning sounds like a good idea, but what about when you can’t go to sleep at night? You’re losing the precious sleep your body needs to correct its circadian rhythm. A quick candy bar may sound like the next best option to overcome that tiredness — and it might for a few hours — until you crash and end up more sleepy than you already were.

While you might be tired during your vacation due to jet lag, use other stimulating options to help you stay awake naturally. One fun, and even pampering option is a cold facial with natural ingredients like coffee beans. Needless to say, after a good facial scrub, you’ll not only feel refreshed, but your skin will regain its glow as well.

Use Blue Light Strategically

It’s true that blue light from electronics disturbs sleep — but that might be the visual boost you need to keep yourself from going to bed. You can use blue light to help you and your kids stay awake when you get to your vacation destination just in time for them to go to sleep at a reasonable hour. All it takes is avoiding blue light exposure for about 30 minutes to an hour before bed for the effects to wear off.

Get over jet lag

Do Family Exercise Sessions

Flight attendants who do outdoor exercises before their flights have been shown to cut down their jet lag from four days to three. Especially if you’re travelling for multiple weeks, exercising can help your family right their circadian rhythm much faster. Encourage your kids to do exercises that can be done from a seated position during travel, such as ankle rolls, foot pumps, neck rolls, and knee hugs to help them sleep at a better time when they arrive.

Consider Using Sleep-Inducing Supplements

Melatonin pills are a cheap and accessible way to induce sleep quickly and easily. There are also sleepytime teas you can bring with you to drink at your destination if you’re finding it hard to go to sleep at night. Using these natural substances can tell you and your children’s brains it’s time to go to sleep.

Set Up a Sleep Routine

Before you travel, it would be best to get you and your kids into a sleep routine. That way, they can perform the routine wherever they go and tell their bodies they should go to sleep. The familiarity of the routine will also help kids get acclimated to a new area. One thing you can start practicing now is only using the bed for sleep and making sure to read to your kids before bed.
Everyone is bound to get jet lag on large trips, but with the above proper precautions, you can more easily handle it with your family while away.

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