7 Items to NOT Bring with You on Vacation

Have you ever thought about certain items to NOT bring with you on vacation? I have! We travel a lot and I’ve narrowed down what you should NOT bring with you on vacation. Of course, there are a lot more items you shouldn’t bring, but a lot of those items are common sense. Especially now that the airlines have become so difficult about hand luggage and the maximum weight per suitcase, it certainly makes sense to look closer at what items you could do without . Here are 7 items to NOT bring with you on vacation.

#1. Food and Drinks

If you plan on bringing food and drink with you on vacation, this can be a problem, if you’re flying. Plan on buying these items there, instead of packing them in your bag. Really, you’re only causing yourself more problems if you try and pack these items, and with the availability of local hypermarkets, I am sure you will be able to find your favourite snacks, if not, maybe it is time to start tasting the local cuisine, you never know, you might like it.

#2. Overpacking clothes

As much as you want to pack extra clothes, it doesn’t always make sense. Overpacking clothes can cause issues because it can weight down your bag. Not to mention, a bunch of clothes can leave you with no room in your suitcase. You never know if you’ll want to bring extras back with you for vacation. Plus, the smaller the suitcase, the less likely you are to have to pay a ton of money to bring it with you.

7 Items to NOT Bring with You on Vacation

#3. A ton of shoes

When you’re on vacation, you should bring a pair of comfortable shoes and a pair of dress shoes. Shoes are bulky and take up space, which can result in you needing more than one suitcase. Just be sensible about how many pairs of shoes you pack.

#4. Don’t overpack the makeup

When you’re on vacation, just think about bringing a miniature version of what you have at home. You don’t need to bring ALL your makeup with you, just bring some. While it can be hard to make decisions, you really don’t want to pack a ton of stuff for your trip, and the natural look is a great alternative on holiday.

#5. Noisy toys

If you have kids, you’re bound to bring some toys with you, which is more than okay. Try to bring toys that aren’t noisy. First of all, you don’t want them going off every time you move your luggage. Second of all, you don’t want to bother yourself and other people with a ton of noisy toys. Tell the kids you have a “stuffed animal” only process when it comes to travelling.

7 Items to NOT Bring with You on Vacation

#6. A ton of valuables

Packing your valuables on vacation is a huge NO! When you pack your expensive stuff, you’re opening yourself up to theft. Only bring what you need and leave the rest at home. You will be thankful because losing something valuable, in a distant place, is never fun.

#7. Just packing for Warm Weather

No matter where you are vacationing, it always makes sense to pack a jumper or cardigan and a pair of trousers. Sometimes cold weather happens and it’s best to be prepared! Even if you think they won’t be needed, sometimes the temperature can dip quite dramatically in the evening and you will be glad of the extra layer.

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