Hiking With Children: Choosing Good Hiking Poles for Safety

Hiking With Children: Choosing Good Hiking Poles for Safety

There are plenty of bonding activities that you can do with your child but none of them are as good for kids as hiking.

If you’re into hiking, then you should definitely consider bringing your kids along with you. Not only will it be an excellent opportunity to bond with your child, but it is also a way to get them in the outdoors more.

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With that said, you should also make sure that your kids are safe when hiking. Thus, you should get them the right equipment so they can hike safely and without issue.

Below are some things to think about when getting your kids some hiking poles:

Think Safety When Hiking With Children

When you’re hiking, the first thing that should be on your mind is your child’s safety. No matter how prepared you are (although it certainly helps), you should still be vigilant and keep your eyes on your child wherever they go and don’t let them go too far from you.

Make sure that you’ve got a first-aid kit with you as one of your travel essentials since you’re traveling with a child. You should choose the hiking trails that are manageable for your kid so that it is unlikely for you to get yourself and your kid in scrapes.

Get the right gear for hiking with children

Hiking With Children: Choosing Good Hiking Poles for Safety

It’s important that you pack the right gear for a hike, especially with a kid. You want to take all the necessary precautions that you must to make their hike enjoyable but safe for them.

If you’re considering camping with your kid in addition to the hike, then preparations are definitely a must.

One of the things you should bring with you is a whistle that can be worn around the neck. That way if somehow you get lost and don’t find each other, you can use the whistle as a guide to finding out their location.


When purchasing a hiking pole for your kid, it’s important that you check out the sizes that will ensure that your kid can get a good grip on the hiking stick. If the size is too big, then they might lose their grip on it and they can lose their stability and footing when hiking.

Once you’ve got the grip size figured out, then you should make sure that the length of the pole is appropriate. Their elbows should be a right angle from the pole when they’re on flat ground.


A hiking stick has different kinds of locks or adjustments depending on the manufacturer. Each locking mechanism has a perk of its own that you should look into before deciding which one is best for your child.


A flick-lock adjustment mechanism is simply a lever on each of the parts of the stick that you are able to adjust. All you need to do is lift it open and then push it back closed to be able to lock it into your preferred length.


A twist-lock pole needs you to twist out the parts of the stick at a certain length so that you can lock it in place.


There is also the pull-lock system that locks when you pull the handle of the pole. This works because there is an internal cable inside of it.


If your kid is not used to hiking, then it’s important that you get them shockproof hiking poles.

Shockproof hiking poles doesn’t mean that they’re immune to electricity. Instead, it refers to the mechanism in a pole that allows it to take the brunt out of each impact that the pole makes with the ground.

This makes hiking easier on the joints and muscles of your kid. However, the downside to this is that it will make the poles heavy. Figure out whether you’re okay with this before buying the pole for your kid.


Last but not least, you should consider the grip of your hiking pole so that it is the most comfortable for your kid. Consider the material of the grip, whether you want foam, cork material, or rubber.

Aside from that, you should also check to make sure that your kid is able to have a solid hold onto the grips. Otherwise, there is no point in having hiking poles except for the added weight. You want to make sure that it’s comfortable and fits well.


Hiking is a fun and physical activity that people of all ages can enjoy so it is definitely something worth doing with your kids. Not only will you get them to appreciate nature, but you also give them exercise and develop life skills and teach lessons to them as you go along.

It’s definitely a great way to bond with your kids that not a lot of people do. Plus, if your kid gets into it, it’s a great activity to get into.

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