Family Holiday Destinations in the Middle East

Have You Considered Family Holiday Destinations in the Middle East?

Looking for inspiring Family Holiday Destinations in the Middle East, you have come to the right place.

When we think of the Middle East, we often only imagine what the news media presents to us. War, civil unrest, a place in increasing need of charity. But depending on your definitions, the Middle East is an enormous region of eighteen countries, sixty languages, and three hundred and seventy million people. It is far too huge and diverse for it to realistically be pigeon holed this way. Look below the television screen surface, and there is so much more to discover.
If having heard about the celebrations and festivities that surround Ramadan 2019 has gotten your attention. Consider the following destinations as potentially somewhere your family could enjoy.

Dubai, UAE

Probably the most famous of the newly emerging cities of the Middle East. Dubai is the glistening pearl of opulence, wealth, and beauty that represents the heart of the Middle East. There are plenty of stylish and well-designed family friendly resorts, such as Le Royal Méridien Beach, Atlantis the Palm, and The Westin, to name a few. With things to do a plenty like windsurfing at Kite Beach, video games galore at the SEGA Republic, and the film themed adventures of Motiongate Dubai. Children will have plenty of fun that adults can join in and along with.

Family Holiday Destinations in the Middle East

Ras Al Khaimah, UAE

You might be forgiven for thinking the UAE is basically nothing much more than Dubai and Abu Dhabi given how the world likes to focus on just these two. But the country as a whole is out there, just waiting to be explored. Slightly less than an hour’s drive from the Dubai city limits, Ras Al Khaimah is an ideal sport for those who want more of the traditional Arabian Desert type of experience.

Camel rides through the desert, amazing displays of Falconry, and a chance to master the medieval art of archery. All these can be found at Ras Al Khaimah, as well as the curious juxtaposition of an arctic themed water park of Iceland. A great place for a more off beat UAE experience.

Muscat, Oman

The capital city of the nation at the far south eastern edge of the Arabian peninsular, takes the attitude of cleanliness being next to godliness very seriously. Because of the aesthetic the country is going for. You would be forgiven for thinking you’ve just driven into the nation where they film every television advertisement ever made.

Yet closer looks show a country that keeps it scrubbed because it is proud of its historical past and its present day natural wonders. With the grand palaces of the Sultan, the newer Portuguese forts, and the stargazing safaris where you ride camels into the night. Muscat is a great place for a family adventure.

Family Holiday Destinations in the Middle East

Cairo, Egypt

While most famous recently for the revolutions in Tahir Square, there is so much to Cairo that is to be admired and enjoyed. The Khan-El-Khalili bazaar makes an excellent destination for any family with teenaged children. With a range of shops and stalls selling all kinds of curious items. Leather babouches, to bizarre kitsch statutes, all stacked in higgledy-piggledy ranks and rows. Further north you can see the Citadel, constructed by the legendary counter crusader strategist and king, Saladin.

Just next to the Al Azar Park, which boasts spectacular views of the city. For a more sedate adventure, maybe rent one of the little sailboats – the feluccas. Or if you want something more educational try the Cairo Museum, where the legendary sarcophagus of Tutankhamun lives. With all its history, its grandeur, and its elegance – combined with all its fun, adventure, and charm. Cairo makes a great family holiday destination.

The Middle East often seems to us like a place best left to itself. Another world that we can only get the dimmest proper understanding of. Yet with just a little planning and understanding. You can have the kind of adventure so many of us really want to share with our families, making Family Holiday Destinations in the Middle East an option to consider.

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  1. The Middle East undoubtedly offers such great spots one can visit: Dubai being the leading tourist destination around the world. I would also love to visit Dubai soon.

  2. I have friends who have been to Dubai and they said it is fantastic! The clean surroundings, the buildings, the architectural marvels are a must see. Hopefully I can get to travel there too.


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