Top Tips For Going On Safari

One of mine and Neva’s dream holidays is to go on Safari, I am particularly loving the African Safaris to Kenya, so I have been researching all about the trip, and taking note of some top tips for going on safari.

Top Tips For Going On Safari

Choose Your Footwear carefully

Whilst on safari, you will be doing a lot of walking, and the last thing you want is to be hindered by badly fitting shoes or boots, so make sure you have chosen comfortable, well worn shoes that you know are up to the job. It is also advisable to have hard rubber soles, so that thorns cannot penetrate through the bottom, experts recommend you wear your shoes in for at least a month before the Safari.

Top Tips For Going On Safari may include finding zebras in the forest

Treat Blisters With Care

If you do end up with blisters from your shoes, no matter how tempting it is, do not pop it, as this will rub away the top layer of skin and expose the sensitive new layer of skin underneath exposed. The best thing to do is to thread a needle through one side of the blister and out through the other side, leaving just the thread inside the blister, cut the thread so that there is just a small piece showing on either side of the blister, this will allow the fluid to drain out slowly, meaning the skin can harden underneath.

Dental Floss Is Your Friend

One item that you should considering adding to your washbag is Dental floss, perfect for keeping your teeth nice and clean, but a good strong thread that can be used to fix clothing and shoes, my husband has used it to sew his rugby boot back together at half time and it lasted the rest of the season!

Keep Camera Bags Light

Not just in weight but also colour, a dark bag will heat up the equipment inside, instead opt for a light coloured, waterproof bag to stop the dirt and sand getting in, also bring a shower cap for added protection and an old t-shirt, the shower cap will protect the camera in the rain and the t-shirt will keep the sand out. Make sure you pack a good zoom lens, some animals are just too camera shy, or it may be too dangerous for you to get any closer.

Top Tips For Going On Safari may mean you get to see a hippo in the water

Think About Your Clothing Choices

Whilst on Safari one of the main elements of the trip is to get up close with wild animals, so to enable you to do this you need to seriously think about the clothes that you are packing, white clothing is a definite no, not only will it get very dusty and dirty but it will be easily spotted by the animals you are trying to observe. Think about dark greens, browns and khaki to blend in with your surroundings.

Travel With The Right People

Before you beginning planning your adventure, ensure if you are travelling with someone that they share the same passion as you, it’s no good going on a safari with someone that isn’t that interested and wants it over with as quick as possible, you want to feel unhurried and enjoy the experience, not feel pressured to move on too quickly, if you think this may be the case with your chosen travelling companions, then it may be an idea to consider going solo.

Top Tips For Going On Safari you may see a giraffe eating from the top of the tree

Consider Leaving The Children Behind

As much as searching for wild animals sounds fun and interesting for young children, the truth is, it could be hours of sitting in shrubbery waiting for something to appear, which we all know won’t happen if you have young children getting bored, tired and hungry. If you choose to take the children on the holiday, check to see if there are any special childrens activities taking place that will entertain them whilst you go out on a safari. many places offer a kind of daycare, so that every member of the family can enjoy the holiday.

Expect An Early Start!

The best time to see the wildlife is first thing in the morning or at dusk, so don’t be surprised if many of the trips start very early in the morning, the benefits are you are more likely to see more animals and you will experience beautiful sunrises, so although holidays usually conjure up images of long, lazy mornings, this type of vacation isn’t like that, but the chance encounters you may experience will be totally worth the alarm clock ringing a little earlier than you would usually set it.

I am sure there are plenty more top tips for going on safari, if you have any others, let me know in the comments.

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  1. Nice reading about this safari tips which can make an adventure turn innovative and fun every time. The toughest part is the early start so it is is always better to sleep as early as possible the night before.

  2. Omg I have always wanted to go on one of these! I would have never thought of the dental floss tip!


  3. I would like to visit Safari. I have dreamed about traveling to this place since my childhood, but so far I have not been able to do it. It’s so beautiful!


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