6 Useful tips to make your travel safe and comfortable

Tips To Make Your Travel Safe, when travelling to a destination, it is fun only if you are safe and tension free. Before visiting a particular place, you must know about their traditions and restrictions to avoid any embarrassment. Take care of the way you dress, inform your relatives, and post pictures on social media … Read more

7 Reasons You Should Surf

Exercising outdoors remains the world’s most popular fitness activity. Surfing is such an activity providing key physical as well as mental benefits in scenic locations worldwide. A big wave, a surfboard and you – that’s all that the sport needs. Here are 7 reasons you should surf: 1) Surfing makes for a complete body workout … Read more

Traditions & Superstitions That Still Exist In Russia Today

Although Russia is developing at a rapid pace and one of the world’s greatest superpowers, there are still some elements to modern life that are steeped in tradition. Russia is a hugely multicultural country, and from the far east near Japan and Korea to the areas bordering Scandinavia, there are many traditions and superstitions that … Read more

5 games to carry while travelling with children

Top 5 games travelling with children Everybody looks forward to a good family vacation. For many of us, the memories of traveling with our families are some of the most treasured experiences of our lives. Staying in hotels, sight-seeing, and eating at authentic restaurants made such trips pleasurable for everyone. Naturally, many of us would … Read more