Top-5 Family Travel Essentials for a Holiday with our Kids

We love our holidays! As a family though, it is sometimes a little tricky to figure out what to pack and what family travel essentials are required. While you want to be practical and avoid carrying a bigger than necessary load around, you also don’t want to be caught unprepared should something unexpected happen.

It’s a balancing act! And that is particularly true if, like me, you are travelling with teenage girls. Girls, in fact, often need some extra products to ensure they are safe and comfortable.

But fear not because in this article, I will share all the tricks and secrets for the perfect packing as a family so you all can enjoy your time off to the max.

So what do you need for the perfect family trip? Let’s see.

Hack #1: Clothes, clothes, clothes

It is no secret that, when travelling, you go through more changes of clothes than you would at home. This is particularly true for young children and teenagers. The time spent hiking, running, riding bikes or at the beach often results in changing several times a day.

To avoid the trouble of finding a laundromat while you are on the go, make sure all of your kids have enough pieces of clothing that account for different types of weather.

Don’t forget underwear and hygiene products, too! Receiving a visit from Aunt Flow while on Spring break does not need to mean the end of fun times. Here’s our secret.

Hack #2: Period Pants

They look like normal underwear, they feel like normal underwear, but they are much better. Their high-tech fabric of period pants is designed to absorb menstrual fluid, so that your teen can feel at ease and protected.

What do period undies do?

Period panties can be worn instead of tampons and pads,or on top of your teens’ usual menstrual products if their flow is particularly abundant.

Period Pants: Why I love Them for my Teenage Girls

I  would never go anywhere without a couple of pairs of period pants each for my teenage girls. Those are life savers!

Since my girls are not interested in tampons and find their regular pads uncomfortable, period pants have proven the perfect middle ground. What’s more, they are reusable, meaning they are great for the environment (and your wallet). Want to know more?

Click here for more info. My daughters love them! The high absorbency of this product allows them to enjoy their holiday feeling clean and dry.

There are several types of period pants to choose from. Our family like Weekiss for their efficiency and cute designs for every taste and age. And, since we are always so busy, it is nice to count on a company you can order from online and that delivers straight to your door.

Hack #3: Snacks for Days

A wise parent knows never to leave the house for more than a few hours without plenty of snacks for the kids!

Young children and teens alike all share their contact appetite, having a nibble handy helps them keep them happy and healthy. Now, your kids might be tempted to ask for chips and other greasy options, and it’s OK –  it is their holiday time after all.

Just make sure you balance things out with more nutritious and practical snacks such as sliced apple, peanut butter spread, and trail mix.

Hack #4: Don’t Forget their Favourite Toys!

By now, I am sure you know what toys your young kids cannot do without. Whether it is their favourite teddy to help them sleep or an old water toy they like to use at the beach, it is important not to leave it behind!

family travel essentials

My teenagers are better at making sure they bring their own entertainment with them, but it is still worth having a quick family chat and making a list to check out all important items such as favourite books/playlist for the road trip, and maybe board games to play together as a family.

Hack#5: Essential Medication

As parents of young and teenage children, of course we are extra careful. But family trips can get a little chaotic and there are plenty of opportunities for upset tummies, colds, and scraped knees.

To make sure I don’t forget anything, I keep a travel emergency kit always packed. You can buy one from the pharmacy with all the essentials, and make sure you replace each item as you go through them.

This way, you won’t have to worry about important things such as bandages or cough syrup going missing.

Ready, Steady, Go!

Are you guys packed? I guarantee these tricks will help you have a safe and fun time away with your family! Just make sure you start planning a few days in advance and have a talk with your kids about anything they would like to take with them a few days prior and you will be good to go. Have fun!

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