Have You Visited The MARVEL Avengers Campus at Disneyland Paris Yet?

My children are HUGE Marvel fans, so are very keen to visit The Avengers Campus at Walt Disney Studios Park Disneyland Paris, it looks like a fabulous addition!

The Marvel Universe is a vast one, and here you can experience all your favourite characters and go on an epic journey with them.

At Disneyland Paris – Marvel Avengers Campus

Are there any Avengers Attractions?

All your Marvel fans will love riding these thrilling attractions.

Avengers Assemble : Flight Force

You can team up with Iron Man and Captain Marvel then help them save the world from an intergalactic threat.

Board one of Stark Industries’ new hypersonic vehicles, strap yourself in and blast off for an epic adventure full of twists, turns and loops!

Minimum height : 1.2m this is classed as a thrill ride

Spider-Man W.E.B. Adventure

Recruits of all ages, unleash your inner hero in an action-packed mission alongside Spidey himself and catch the Spider-Bots before they wreak total techno-havoc!

Peter Parker’s Spider-Bots are multiplying beyond control and creating chaos! Board a W.E.B. Slinger vehicle and sling your own webs to neutralise the robots. How many will you capture?

Minimum Height : no height restriction this is classed as a family ride

Both rides are located in Walt Disney Studios Park

What Else Can I find at Avengers Campus Disneyland Paris ?

As well as the two very cool attractions, there are loads of great things to do in the Avengers Campus, including :

Hero Training Centre

Let some of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes teach you their epic moves in this state-of-the-art physical training facility, there are 3 stages for you to complete your training

Step 1: Learn epic moves from the Avengers. Feel the power building within you as Spider-Man, Captain Marvel and Iron Man teach you the moves that make them Earth’s Mightiest Heroes! Will you graduate with an ‘A’ for Avenger?

Step 2: Get ready for your Heroic Encounter. Train with one of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and capture your best action stance in an epic 180° multi-frame photo from Disney PhotoPass+

Step 3 – Pick up the ultimate souvenir. Head to the Disney PhotoPass™ self-service terminal after your Heroic Encounter to pick up your 180° multi-frame photo from Disney PhotoPass+ with your Hero.

To join the virtual queue for the Hero Training Center, you need to book your training session via the official app, once you have entered the Disney Parks.

Smart tip: ​​Link your Ticket, Pass or Hotel booking to your account in the app before you arrive to be ready to join the virtual queue on the day.

Welcome Mighty Thor

For a limited time only Jane Foster a.k.a. Mighty Thor is roaming the campus. keep an eye out for her, where will she be hiding?

Photo Credit : Travel Around Ireland

Avengers Unite!

Look up as Black Widow and Black Panther team up for an epic rooftop battle… and look out for Spider-Man, who’s never too far from the action!

Taskmaster and a gang of mercenaries have infiltrated the Marvel Avengers Campus, looking to get their hands on something valuable.

Don’t fear, the Avengers are prepared for such attacks! Watch as Black Widow and Black Panther team up to battle these pesky foes on the rooftops of the W.E.B. workshop!

Heroic Welcome

Earth’s mightiest heroes have gathered in Avengers Campus to celebrate the arrival of their newest recruits and bid them a truly heroic welcome!

The Avengers have assembled to greet their newest recruit before you embark on your epic adventure. Are you ready?

Warriors of Wakanda

Take part in a training session with General Okoye as she teaches you the 5 tenets of the Dora Milaje, the Wakandan Warriors who protect Black Panther. Wakanda Forever!

Participate in a series of strength and skill exercises with the leader of this elite team of warriors. Some recruits may even be selected to learn special fighting techniques!

The Amazing Spider-Man!

See if you can spot Spider-Man as he runs, jumps, flips and swings from the rooftops of the W.E.B. Workshop building!

Keep your eyes peeled and you could see a breathtaking demonstration of his extraordinary strength, incredible agility and razor-sharp reflexes!

Photo Credit : Travel Around Ireland

Guardians of the Galaxy: Dance Challenge!

Star-Lord and Gamora are looking for new Guardians of the Galaxy! Do you have the right moves to join their team?

Star-Lord once used his dance moves to save an entire planet… now he wants to see if you have the right moves to become a Guardian of the Galaxy!

Where Can I Eat in Disneyland Paris Avengers Campus?

There are various choices for food in the Avengers Campus, depending on what type of food you’d like to eat, you can choose from two restaurants, a diner and two food trucks.

Stark Factory

Have an appetite for invention… and pizza, pasta and salad? You can fly over to Stark Factory, a high-tech workspace where Super Heroes assemble, and power up with a mighty menu of fresh and healthy food in between missions.

You can check out the menu HERE

PYM Kitchen

Head to the experimental lab restaurant and power up with a buffet of unusually-sized mains and snacks. At PYM Kitchen, super-smart chefs use Ant-Man and The Wasp’s PYM Particle technology to shrink and grow ingredients.

You can check out the menu HERE

Super Diner

Visit Peggy Carter’s friend Angie at her Super Diner to enjoy a famous Reuben sandwich (or its vegan version) and an iconic Choco-Blast!

You can check out the menu HERE

If you are looking for something smaller, then why not check out one of the food trucks, you can choose from FAN-tastic Food Truck or WEB Food Truck, both offering tasty snacks, including hot dogs, cookies and cheesecake.

avengers campus disneyland paris
Photo Credit : Travel Around Ireland

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