When Storage Space Is Scarce: 5 Travel Packing Hacks to Try During Your Next Adventure

With many countries experiencing a decline in COVID-19 cases, travel and adventure are certainly on the minds of many, and many of us are eager to get away and see some different walls after being stuck in isolation and lockdown. When going away, one of the first concerns is trying to figure out what you want to pack and not pack, but nobody wants to end up hauling tons of baggage around with them and certainly not paying for it on flights.

With this in mind, today we’re going to explore five of the best travel packing hacks around that will help you pack smart, reduce your baggage weights, and help you remain free enough to roam the world, wherever you plan on going.

  1. Roll Everything up

If you take a shirt and fold it in half however many times you want, you’ll notice how it still takes up a large amount of space in your baggage. However, if you fold a shirt twice and then roll it up into a small tube shape, you will fit so much more in your baggage, it’s unreal.

I went backpacking around Europe for Sanetraveller with a 75-litre backpack when someone first showed me this trick, and I was blown away with how much space it saved. I could fit about double what I originally took with me using this method alone, so it’s well worth trying out.

  1. Reduce Cables and Electronics

If possible, reduce the number of cables and plugs you’re taking with you because it’s only going to weigh you down and take up space you don’t really have. Look into where you’re staying and see if you really need adaptors or whether they’ll have some for you (most hotels offer them at the desk). You may just be able to take one USB cable and plug your electronics into your laptop. Be smart with your cable choices.

  1. Get a Good Bag

Sure, you can fit a lot of stuff into a generic luggage bag that you can wheel around behind you, but is this the most efficient way to store luggage? Getting yourself a deep backpack can allow you to fit just as much stuff inside but also limits you in the sense you’re not going to take anything heavy, meaning you’ll naturally pack lighter.

Look for baggage holders that offer lots of zips and pockets that can also help you stay organised and pack smarter, rather than just chucking everything into one big space and hoping for the best.

travel packing hacks

4. Get Travel-Sized Bottles

You’ve seen, and probably used, travel-sized products like shampoo and toothpaste before, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t pack them instead of your full-sized products! Many malls and stores will even offer free sample sizes of products that are basically travel-sized versions of themselves, so while you’re out and about, stock up on the freebies for when you’re ready to travel.

5. You Never Need as Much as You Think

How many times have you travelled on vacation and thought to yourself in hindsight that you packed way too much and didn’t even need half the stuff you took, only to make the same mistake all over again on the next trip? Don’t worry, we all do this, but the trick is to learn from your past experiences and cut out the clothes, outfits, and belongings you don’t actually need.


There are plenty of hacks out there, but the most important one of all is just to be mindful of what you’re doing! Instead of just going overboard and chucking everything you own into a bag, be smart, be calculated, and have a process that will help you pack as smart as possible. A bit of mindful thinking can go a long way!

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