What to do with Your Family Photos

Family photographs can hold such wonderful memories for yourself and your family, but having them on your phone or PC can run the risk of them becoming forgotten, or even damaged should the files become corrupt. Instead of leaving them to go to waste, you could instead find ways to use them within your daily lives, and make the most of those cherished moments.

Printing the Photos

Family photographs can be used, as they are, in frames or as collages. You can find the cheapest printer inks online and then, using your home computer and printer, print them out onto photographic paper. This can be achieved using a number of different sized papers, meaning you can have your pictures as small or large as you see fit. For oversized prints, you might need to upload the images to a printing website, and order them instead.

From here, you could buy or make frames, to put them up on your walls and tables, and gradually fill your home with personalised images of days gone by. For printing concerns, it’s great to convert your photos into PDF format from theonlineconverter.com which performs conversion without quality loss.

Using them in Artwork

Instead of having your photographs as they are, you may also opt to turn them into pieces of artwork. Whether you decide to take family photos and turn them into pop-art prints, or even alter the colours, or transport your family to different locations, is up to you. You could also opt to print them as is, and use them to create a dramatic collage highlighting the best of your experiences. While you may not ever sell this art, or keep it forever, it means that you can use both pictures of memories, and also create new ones together while you figure out the best ways to turn your standard photographs into magical masterpieces.

Using a Digital Frame

Some people prefer to keep their pictures in a digital format. This can be alright, so long as you make sure you back up the files elsewhere in case of corruption. To be able to keep them on a USB or SD card, but still allow access for viewing, you might wish to opt for a digital photo frame. This will allow you to display as many of your images as you like, all on one single screen. The images that you use will shuffle through, meaning you will see a variety of images, or can be achieved in chronological order. One of the great features of a digital photo frame is that you can also adjust the settings, allowing you to choose how long each image is shown for, as well as the way in which they appear on the screen. These frames are also great for smaller homes, where there may not be space for an abundance of decorative items.

Figuring out what to do with family photos means they no longer need to gather dust, or sit in folders on your computer. By utilising them within your home, you can add a bit of a personal touch, which should be loved by all who live there.

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