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Have You Visited any of the Canary Islands ?

As a family we adore the Canary islands, I visited Tenerife as a teenager, and we have visited Gran Canaria twice, in fact, we were so taken with the island the first time, we came back for our honeymoon.


With two small children in tow we spent most of the holiday on the beach and the swimming pool, however Asa did spend an afternoon exploring around the mountains (he likes to climb, wherever we go), and we took a boat trip dolphin spotting, we didn’t manage to find any but the flying fish were amazing, and Xene still talks of them now.


This map shows all of the islands and what you can expect to find there, have you visited any of them yet ?

7 main canary islands

My sister and her family have been to Lanzarote and are considering going back this year, but with a 4 year old I suspect it will be beaches that feature heavily in their time, which is how it should be when the children are smaller, but there will be a time when they are all grown up, and then what!

With seven children and a very hectic life, a nice warm beach sounds perfect at the moment, so I may have to consider it whilst the children are all still at home, I have been having a little browse and loving these choices, they look amazing.


If you do not have a small child with you and you would like to try something a little different, Inntravel have some amazing walking holidays, which sound amazing, once the children have grown up and we are able to go away by ourselves, I would love to experience this type of holiday, and with Asa’s love of walking and climbing, this would be perfect.

I have just turned 40 and lots of people suggested I make a bucket list to achieve by the time i’m 50, well, considering Viggo is only 3, probably more realistic for 60, one of mine is to have visited all of the seven Canary Islands, two down, five to go.

The latest walking holiday that has been added to Inntravel portfolio is the La Palma Volcanic Trail, the steepest island on the planet, I always remember it as the heart shaped one. If you have been following this blog for a while, you will know my love of non busy, and fewer people, well this island certainly ticks that box, I can imagine, just the two off us, exploring the volcanic wilderness, stopping for a picnic in the peace and quiet, it sounds absolutely heavenly, and a far cry from the beautiful but noisy, crowded beaches that we have experienced so far.

Have you visited any of the Canary Islands, do you have a favourite ?

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