The Best Winter Cruise Destinations

You may not realise but taking a cruise vacation in the winter is actually a thing! Many people enjoy getting away from the cold winter months by going on a cruise vacation during the shorter days and colder night season of winter. This year I wanted to share some of the best winter cruise destinations to get you ready to head out and enjoy shovelling sand, instead of snow, this winter season.

The Best Winter Cruise Destinations

The Best Winter Cruise Destinations Rio De Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro

Brazil offers a beautiful cruise destination to get away from the cold days of winter, Rio de Janeiro is a fabulous place to visit. Many cruise ships offer options to cruise to this beautiful Brazilian location all year round. This winter cruise destination allows you to take advantage of the warmer weather that South America’s tip offers its visitors.

The Best Winter Cruise Destinations Australia


This is a place where you can literally go down under to see the beautiful sea life and views under the water. Australia is a beautiful and warm location to cruise to during the winter season. You can see unusual animals, enjoy a warmer climate and hop on land to experience a chance in a lifetime of this friendly country during your winter cruise vacation.

The Best Winter Cruise Destinations Mexican Riviera

The Mexican Riviera

Enjoy the Caribbean side of Mexico when you cruise in the winter time to The Mexican Riviera. When you opt for a cruise in the winter to this location, you’ll be able to experience the cool weather turning warmer as you cruise along the California coast down to The Caribbean side of Mexico. This winter cruise destination hit my best places to go because of the culture, warm temperatures and views.

The Best Winter Cruise Destinations - Hawaii


This is the perfect winter cruise destination where you get to island hop and enjoy an average of 4-5 days at sea. A Hawaiian destination cruise allows you to relax fully during the colder winter months without worrying about anything. Forget the short days, cold nights, and sweaters, grab your flip-flops and cruise your way to Hawaii this winter.

In all honesty, many people enjoy taking a winter cruise because it allows them the freedom to enjoy warmer weather with fewer people around. Winter cruises will have fewer guests than your average summer cruise in most cases. Before you pick your best winter cruise destination, do some research on where you should travel, when and which cruise line offers the best winter cruise destinations package.

Have you decided on a Winter Cruise this year, or have you visited any of these during the winter ?

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