The Best Easter Traditions and Celebrations

Easter means different things for families all across the country. For some, the most important part of the day is the church service. While for others, it’s all about getting their family round for dinner. This year the celebrations are likely to be different, but there are still plenty of ways you can mark the holiday.

Easter Egg Hunt

One of the traditions most beloved by children is an Easter egg hunt. You can hide chocolate Easter eggs around the house – or your garden – and let the little ones find them. It can be fun for all the family by participating and giving the children clues to turn it into a treasure Easter egg hunt. You may be wondering, why eggs at Easter? This time of year is all about celebrating life in lots of different ways, from spring starting to religious reasons, and eggs are a symbol of new life.

New Life

This time of year is an important celebration in many religions, and the date of Easter Sunday changes annually. Easter is a Christian holiday to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and there are notable days in the run-up to it including Ash Wednesday, Palm Sunday, and Good Friday. The Jewish will mark Passover, which is a festival of freedom, and celebrate the main feast of the seder meal. 

Family Meals

For lots of people Easter is about getting the family around and having a nice meal. With the current restrictions in place, you can still get together thanks to the internet! It may be fun to experiment cooking dinner together over Zoom or eating together virtually. Think of it as traditions with a twist, and there are plenty of Easter-inspired recipes to try from roast lamb to hot cross buns.

Getting Crafty

While your celebrations might be different this year, that’s no reason why you can’t throw yourself into the holiday. If anything, now more than ever, it’s important to celebrate new life and hope. You can craft some floral garlands, Easter egg trees, or create cards. It’s a great chance for you to spend time with your kids and create some cheer. Other alternative activities could be to create your own floral bouquet of Spring flowers or host an Easter cake bake-off with your friends.

Easter is a great time of year to have some fun, eat tasty treats, and be hopeful for what’s to come, celebrate however you like!

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