Say Goodbye to Motion Sickness: Tips For a Bus Trip

Do you struggle with motion sickness, but you have a bus trip coming up? It can be miserable if you’re feeling ill the entire time, especially if it’s a long ride.

Fortunately, there’s a lot you can do to prevent motion sickness on a bus. Different strategies work for different people, so don’t be afraid to try a lot of these on your next trip. You never know which one will help!

How To Cope with Motion Sickness

Sleep During Travel

If you can, consider an overnight bus. This will allow you to sleep while you’re riding, which will help you avoid motion sickness. Sleep helps reset your inner ear and allows you to grow accustomed to the movement of the bus.

Sleep is also the ultimate way to distract yourself, and distraction is another key motion sickness strategy. You can talk to a fellow passenger or even listen to music. Music, in particular, is a great antidote for nausea and helps you physiologically.

Say Goodbye to Motion Sickness: Tips For a Bus Trip

Take Over the Counter Medication

There are a variety of medications available for motion sickness. Dramamine is well-known, and so are Transderm patches. You might also consider meclizine or even Benadryl.

There’s no way to cure motion sickness, but these medicines help prevent it. You can also look at home remedies, such as taking ginger or peppermint. Consider having some ginger drops and peppermint candies in your bag on the bus to help settle your stomach.

Move, Stretch, and Get Air

You can get a lot more comfortable on today’s busses than you could in the past, especially on bus tours from Toronto. You can recline at least a little bit, get up and walk the aisle, and turn on the air above your seat.

All of these steps can help soothe your stomach and ease your motion sickness. Take time to stretch your neck, arms, and legs as much as you can. When the bus stops for fuel or a scenic overlook, be sure to get out and breathe the fresh air.

Consider What You Eat

While a good meal before your trip can help keep motion sickness at bay, you have to be sure you eat wisely. Eat about an hour before your trip, but not something spicy. Avoid alcohol as well, as it can also unsettle your stomach.

You can bring snacks that you know help settle your stomach, such as crackers or animal cookies. You should also bring club soda, 7-Up, or any other cola that you know helps you.

You probably also want to avoid overly greasy food, since it doesn’t digest easily and can make you feel sick at home, much less on a major bus trip!

Say Goodbye to Motion Sickness: Tips For a Bus Trip

Take Care of Yourself on Your Bus Trip

Facing a bus trip when you know you’re prone to motion sickness can be intimidating, but there’s a lot you can do to help. If nothing else, try focusing your eyes on a fixed point in the direction that you are going. In fact, you may want to sit near the front to make this easier.

It’s worth it to take care of yourself – after all, the journey is an important part of the trip, especially on a bus tour. Enjoy every part of your vacation by taking the time to treat your motion sickness before and during your trip.

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