Ready For Geting Out and About at College with Jacamo

Getting kitted out for college with Jacamo

Lochi has just started his third year at college, this year he is studying for a level 4 course in Game Development, ready to complete his uni application!

He tends to stick to the same style during the college day and the weekend, skinny jeans, a t-shirt and various gaming/movie hooded tops, so when Jacamo got in touch and asked if he would like to choose some items from their website, he went for the T-Shirt section!

His first choice, knowing his love of films was an original Jurassic Park T-shirt.

The second was a longer length Skull Shirt, and he also chose a light blue longer length t-shirt with flowers all over.

And here he is on his first day back at college ready for his Level 4 Course

Lochi back to college with Jacamo

His thoughts on the Tops

The fact that he wears all three tops pretty much every week gives me a good indication that he was happy with them, in this summer/autumn changing weather he still prefers T-shirts, as he can add a hoodie if its cooler or just go in a T-shirt if this crazy weather continues!

After several washes the Jurassic Park picture has shown no signs of fading and I have managed to keep the skull top a nice shade of white, the light blue flower top is a lovely soft material that both his sisters have taken a liking to, he prefers the longer length tops and these three are just perfect.

Also perfect for a night out with his mates this Halloween for PrimEVIL although he might want to invest a couple of spooky ones for this time of year!


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