Laptop vs Tablet: Which Is Best For Your Kids?

Perhaps you’re looking to get a device for your kids, and you’re not sure which one to buy?

While you don’t want your children to become too technology-dependent; a moderate consumption of technology can be beneficial.

Laptops and tablets can be great to gain new skills, complete homework, learn about the world or simply as entertainment!

One of the main things that you’ll want to consider first is what your kids are using the device for.

The usage will largely depend on how old they are. Let’s go over some of the considerations which you should make to come to a decision.

Should I buy a tablet?

Tablets are smaller and lighter than laptops; they are easier to carry around in your bag.

For this reason, tablets can be a great go-to to keep young children entertained when you are out and about. When you’re travelling with children, the tablets can be a real lifesaver!

Tablets are also great for young children due to the lack of a keyboard. Touch screen devices are generally easier for young children to use by themselves as opposed to a laptop.

There are some tablets out there which are aimed at children specifically. LeapFrog, for example, offer tablets suitable for children aged between 3 and 6 years old.

The LeapPad Ultra offers compatibility with hundreds of games and apps.

Kids can use it to take photos or to make some artwork! When your kids get a little older, they might be happier with something like the Ipad mini.

Apps don’t just have to be for fun; there are plenty of educational games which can set your child up to be top of the class!

Should I buy a laptop?

As you’re children get older, they might start to get homework. When it comes to school projects, a laptop can be more useful than a tablet.

Your child will likely require the keyboard features to type out assignments or adequately conduct research.

Macbooks are often a top choice with their top-notch performance and range of excellent features.

Laptops are typically a little harder to use than tablets (but your children will likely figure it out quicker than you do)!

There are plenty of tutorials and tips online to help one discover all the nifty things that a Macbook can do!

From how to split screen on Mac to making friends with Siri; your kid will soon have it sussed!

Laptop cameras aren’t generally that great when compared with those found on tablets. If your child prioritizes taking photos, they may require another device to do so.


It’s important to remember that kids need regular breaks from the use of both laptops and tablets.

Overuse can result in damage to the eyes, trouble sleeping, and overstimulation.

Ensure that you childproof the devices to make sure that your kids are staying safe on the Internet.

Most Internet providers and devices make it easy to do so, yet vigilancy is best all the same.

When your children are still young, a small tablet will do just fine. As they grow older and are required to complete school projects, they’ll be better suited to a laptop.

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