How To Maintain a Green Lawn Even in Hot Environments

Americans throughout the country take pride in the way their lawn looks and seek to constantly improve it. Whether you own acres of fields in a rural setting or just closed on some Arlington real estate with a tiny lawn, you’re likely going to want to make your lawn look as good as possible. Unfortunately, many people struggle with improving their lawn and maintaining a pristine look, especially in areas that are especially hot. So what can you do to make your lawn the envy of the neighborhood while others struggle with the heat? Here’s how to maintain a green lawn even in hot environments. 

Water Regularly

One of the most important things that you need to do to grow your lawn in a hot environment is water your lawn on a regular basis. You should water your lawn every day, ensuring that it gets the nutrients that it needs to survive. The sun and its heat will drain your lawn of its nutrients, so you need to ensure that you are constantly replenishing your lawn with water. Your lawn needs water to survive, and without it your lawn will look brown and wilted. If you want to maintain a green lawn in a hot environment, then you’re going to have to stay on top of watering it regularly. 

Don’t Mow Too Much

A common mistake that people make when trying to take care of their lawn is mowing too much. People want their lawn to be cut as much as possible, saving them work in the future. The thought process is that the more you cut now, the longer you can go before its growth calls for you to cut it again. However, this strategy isn’t always the best if you’re in an extremely hot environment. Longer blades of grass can provide more shade for your lawn, helping to keep it cool from the scorching sun. Due to this, if you cut your lawn too short then you could be inadvertently exposing it to the sun’s heat. Try cutting your lawn on a higher mower setting, as it could help your lawn stay protected from the heat. 

Invest In A Quality Mower

Another thing that you’ll need to help your lawn become green in a hot environment is a high quality mower. Many people use the same old mower that they’ve had for years, not bothering to get a new one or even maintain the one they have. However, using a poor quality mower on your lawn can be detrimental to its health. A low quality mower will harm your lawn’s health and look, so you’ll want to invest in one that can get the job done right. Unfortunately new mowers can be quite expensive, so buying a new high quality mower will cost you quite a bit. If you don’t want to shell out the cash for a new mower, at least try to change the blades and oil on your current mower so that it improves in quality. Improving the quality of your mower can go a long way in ensuring that your lawn grows in a hot environment. 

Utilize Fertilizer and Other Lawncare Products

If you want your lawn to be a vibrant green color in a hot environment, then you’re going to have to provide your lawn with the necessary nutrients from fertilizer and other lawncare products. Fertilizer and other lawncare products can help replenish the necessary nutrients that your lawn needs to grow. Over time your lawn will lose nutrients, especially in a hot environment where the sun is constantly sapping your lawn of what it needs to grow. Fertilizer can help replace these losses, allowing your lawn to grow lush and vibrant. If you want your lawn to be the envy of the neighborhood, then you’re going to need to spread fertilizer and other lawncare products all around your lawn. 


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