Hacks for Hotel Travel with Your Family

Heading to a hotel with the family? You’re in good hands! Hotels may not seem like they’re family friendly, but they can be, you just need to know HOW to make them family friendly. Hotels are designed to give you a place to rest your head. The term “family friendly” is up for different interpretations.

#1. Bring Extra Bedding and Pillows

If you’re travelling by car, it’s probably a lot easier to bring extra bedding and pillows with you. It can be a pain to ask the front desk for extra bedding, especially if you arrive to the hotel room late at night. If you bring your own, you don’t have to worry about making that extra trip down to the front desk.

Hacks for Hotel Travel with Your Family


#2. Water bottles are a big hit

Do you really want to use those tiny cups and sink water to give your kids water? If there was ever a time that it was okay to use bottled water, it’s now. This is one hotel hack you don’t want to forget. I always say to bring one bottle of water per family member per night.


#3. Bring a night light with you

I will tell you that hotels can be really dark or incredibly bright. By bringing your own night light with you, you can help the kids get to the bathroom and back without having to leave a bright light on. Plus, a night light can help kids feel a little more comfortable at night, in a strange place.

Hacks for Hotel Travel with Your Family


#4. Make sure the hotel has breakfast

Are you even considering a hotel that doesn’t have breakfast? DON’T! When you’re travelling with your family, you don’t want to skip out on the breakfast. Breakfast with your family could be anywhere from £10-£20 per person, many of them offer a kids eat free deal, with 2 children per adult, this is a great way to start the day.


#5. Call ahead, so you know what the hotel offers

Staying at a hotel can be a really good thing, especially if they offer extra stuff. I always like to call hotels to see what they offer as far as shampoo, conditioner, mouth wash, and so on. Calling ahead helps prevent you from double packing. Plus, it saves you money because you don’t have to run out and buy random stuff to bring with you.

Hacks for Hotel Travel with Your Family


Use these hacks for hotel travel with family to help you get through your vacation. I’d love to hear of any hacks you can add to this list.



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