Your Guide to Travelling with a Toddler in Tow

Travelling with a toddler will make even the most experienced parent cringe a little bit. However, you shouldn’t let travelling with a toddler scare you. Instead, embrace it! Travelling with a toddler means you get to experience things from a new perspective. Here is your guide to travelling with a toddler.

Always prepare yourself with snacks

You shouldn’t even walk out of your house without snacks. Toddlers and snacks are like BFFs. They need each other! Plus toddlers get hangry quite fast. So, don’t be afraid to bring those snacks and keep the toddler happy.

You’re going to need a Pushchair

You might tell yourself that your toddler doesn’t need a pushchair, while travelling. Sure, you might be okay the first couple of days, but that toddler is going to be tired. You’re most likely going to need a pushchair or lightweight stroller. So, before you try and walk out the door without a pushchair or stroller, just know that you’re going to need one.

Try to stay away from sugar

As much as it might seem easy to pack sugary treats for a toddler, avoid it like the plague. You won’t want to feed them a bunch of sugar before you travel. Plus, there are TONS of healthy snack alternatives out there. Think of sugar as an atomic bomb. Everything will seem okay at first, but then your toddler will have a sugar crash and all will go downhill from there.

Talk to your toddler as things happen

You may be so busy, while travelling with your toddler, that you don’t think about explaining things to him or her. As things happen, when you travel, tell your toddler about it. Not only is it good for your toddler to hear what’s going on, they’re going to learn along the way! You never know what new words they will pick up on.

Bring a busy bag along for your toddler

Toddlers like to stay busy. While bringing along a tablet might work for a small period of time, a busy bag will work wonders. You pack a bunch of items in a bag and the toddler can pull things out and play with them! It’s best to come prepared with as much stuff as you possibly can.

Travelling with a toddler doesn’t have to be scary, plus the more you do it, the easier it’ll get. Just remember these tips as you begin planning a trip where travelling with a toddler is involved.

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