Foods To Eat At Disneyland

Foods To Eat At Disneyland

Disneyland is one of the best tourist destinations in the whole world. People, especially kids, are very much interested and fond of it. Everyone is a fan of Disneyland and wants to visit it once in his lifetime. It all started with a dream when Mr Walt Disney had a plan to open a fantasy land where not only kids but everyone could come and enjoy their life at the fullest. No barriers of age, no restrictions, just pure fun and entertainment. This is what Disney land was built for and everyone, including the legendary Walt Disney, was surprised after he first saw the rides and various other entertainment centres at Disney land.

The first-ever Disney land was opened in the year 1955 at California America and became instantly famous after its inaugural. After the success of this original Disney land, many other Disney parks have been opened in various other parts of the world as well. So apart from the games and other amusing rides, the best thing that you can enjoy at Disney land is the food. Everyone loves to have something delicious when they come out with their family and kids. The delicious food is what Disney land is also known for.

There are various counters and different outlets that offer different types of food and have some cuisines in their menus. Everyone gets attracted towards those food items that are visible on those outlets in the park. So what is the best food that you should eat at Disney land? This is the question which many of you are looking an answer for and now your search comes to an end. We will tell you the best food that you can have at Disney land whenever you visit it. So let’s rock and roll.

  • To begin with, the first food item that is on our list is Safari Skewer. This food is one of the best foods that you can enjoy at this place. This is a BBQ version of some asparagus rolled into bacon and cooked on the charcoal with that smoky flavour in between. I mean, why would one not try this food at Disneyland? If you are a fan of BBQ, then this dish is a must eat and I will recommend you this.
  • The second meal that has occupied our list is Mickey Premium Bar. This is nothing but an ice cream but with a taste that you will not forget ever. The shape of this ice cream is of Mickey Mouse and looks pretty impressive. It’s a vanilla flavoured ice cream which is covered with chocolate all around it. Try it and get lost in its rich taste.
  • The third food item on our list is Mac and Cheese Dog basket. The name tells itself how delicious it would be. I mean this burger is a loaded one and gets you everything that you wish for. It is a Hot dog which is topped with some macaroni, cheese and bacon bites served along with some chips and apple slices. I think this is one of the best deals that you will get under $8.49.
  • Next on our list is the extraordinary dessert called Dole Whip. This is the most creamy and soft dessert that you will ever come across. This is a blended mixture of vanilla ice cream mixed with some pineapple juice and pineapple chunks. After its ready it’s served in the “Star tipped piping bag” and your iconic Dole Whip with a swirl is ready.
  • So the next item on our list is a very rich, sweet and is called Grey Stuff. The name sounds a little bit strange, but the taste is exceptional. This food is the perfect combination of red velvet cake with some chocolate mousse along with some raspberry. The rich and sweet taste will make your taste buds go crazy and you will like it. This food is not that expensive and can be bought for only $8 at Disneyland.
  • Moving ahead in the list now comes the last food item which we guess you should try while you are at Disneyland. So, this food is a perfect blend of flavours and uses the best ingredients that everyone loves to have. And the food I am talking about is called Barbecue Pork Waffle Fries. It is made by mixing up the bacon along with lettuce and tomatoes. Bacon is what makes this meal a perfect one and adds to its taste. The ranch dressing that is on the top of the bowl makes it the best combination ever.
  • The next item on our list is a very sweet and cute confectionary food which is widely loved by all the kids who visit Disneyland. This item is called Toffee. It is a buttery, sweet and a very delicious treat for your tongue. It’s one of the most famous and loved thing from the Disney land that people love to eat.
  • Moving on to the list and the next item is an exceptional Non-Vegan food which people love to enjoy at Disney land. This item is Jumbo Turkey Leg. A great combination of herbs and spices mixed with the chicken and roast it on the smoker. The taste is fantastic and is one of the best selling foods at the park.
  • The last item on the list today is a very famous bread type mixed with some herbs and a lot of cheese. The name knows this food of Cheddar Garlic Bagel Twist. A perfect combination of bread with cheese stuffed in between and mixed with some fresh spices and herbs.
Foods To Eat At Disneyland

So that’s it for today and we hope this blog will help you to make a perfect choice of the food that you want to eat at Disneyland. Good luck and take care.

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