Bring On The Christmas Cheer! Family-Friendly Festive Activities You’ll Love

There’s less than a month to go, and before we know it, we’ll be decorating the tree and opening presents. Christmas is a wonderful time of year when you have children. Anticipation and excitement fill the air, and there’s so much going on. If you’re keen to spread Christmas cheer and get into the festive spirit, here are some activities and days out you’ll love.

Family-Friendly Festive Activities – A film night

Who doesn’t love a Christmas film? When it’s cold outside, there’s nothing that will get you in the mood like a festive classic. Get the kids to choose a selection of films, and stock up on treats. Snuggle up together with blankets, or light the fire. Press play, sit back and watch the magic of Christmas unfolding before your eyes.

Popular choices include Elf, Home Alone 2, The Polar Express and Miracle on 34th Street. You can either order DVDs online, or you can rent or buy them through your digital subscription. As Christmas Day approaches, look out for films on the TV guide, and record any you like the look of. You should find that you’re spoiled for choice.

watching Christmas movies with popcorn

Choosing the tree and decorating the house

This is an annual highlight in most households. Make a day of going out to choose the Christmas tree, and then putting the decorations up. Get your Christmas jumpers on, wrap up warm and head to the local farm or garden centre. Have a look around, and hopefully, you’ll find the perfect tree. Before you go, get the decorations down from the loft, and find the tree stand.

When you get home, put the Christmas playlist on, and start hanging baubles and draping beads. Once the tree is up, you can start putting gifts underneath. You can also put up decorations around the house. Add a wreath to the front door, and some fairy lights to the porch. Let the kids decorate their rooms with tinsel, homemade bunting, and paper chains.

decorating the Christmas tree together

Family-Friendly Festive Activities – A trip to the panto

Many families enjoy a trip to the pantomime at Christmas time. The panto is all about having fun and spending quality time together. If you haven’t booked tickets yet, look out for deals in the paper, or search for shows online. You tend to find that shows in large cities are more expensive. If you’re keen to avoid high prices, stick to smaller productions in your local area. You can often save by buying family tickets and booking in advance.

Family-Friendly Festive Activities Trip to the pantomime

Christmas crafting

Christmas is an excellent time of year to indulge your creative side, especially if it’s miserable and cold outside. You can have loads of fun creating unique wrapping paper and cards with the kids. There’s nothing like receiving homemade cards and presents the kids have helped out with.

If you’re keen to spoil those close to you, make the most of your children’s talents. Get the paints and pencils out and do some cutting and sticking. Use your imagination or search for ideas online. You could create Father Christmas out of paper plates, or make customised party hats for Christmas dinner, for example. Before you begin, stock up on supplies like glue dots, paints, glitter, and coloured card.

Family-Friendly Festive Activities Baking snowmen

If you’re eager to give thoughtful gifts to friends and family, why not get the kids to help you out in the kitchen and rustle up some themed treats? You could bake biscuits in the shape of reindeer or snowmen. You could make Christmas tree brownies or star-shaped flapjack bites. Once your trays have cooled, add a handful to a rustic paper bag and tie with a red and green ribbon. Alternatively, you could fill mini Kilner jars or small baskets.

Christmas markets

It’s that time of year when the markets come to town. Taking a trip to the Bavarian markets is a great idea if you older children. You can sample some festive delicacies, and look around for new gift ideas and new additions for the tree.

Try and avoid peak times if possible to save time queuing. If you’re not sure whether your local town or city is hosting markets this year, search online. You can usually find information about locations and opening times. If you can’t find anything local, consider booking a weekend away. Manchester and Birmingham, for example, are famed for their markets. If you have young children, look out for family-friendly events. You may find that some markets have rides and reindeer as well as stalls.

Family-Friendly Festive Activities toys

Visiting Santa

Christmas isn’t Christmas without paying Santa a visit, especially when you have small children. There are lots of places you can visit Father Christmas, and it’s a good idea to ask around for recommendations. Before you go, sit down with your kids and write Christmas lists, so they know what they’re asking Santa for. Look out for grottos that offer additional attractions.

Examples include the opportunity to see live reindeer or take part in some festive games or crafts workshops. In some places, you can also have breakfast with the elves or take a walk through an enchanted forest. The Internet is an excellent resource for parents, especially if you’re looking for something a little bit different. Search for events in your local area, and read reviews. If you’re thinking of going to something that is proving to be very popular, consider reserving tickets in advance.

Family-Friendly Festive Activities Father Christmas

Christmas is coming, and it’s time to get into the festive spirit. At this time of year, there’s so much going on, especially if you have children. You probably have traditions of your own. But hopefully, this list will also give you some extra ideas.

The holidays are all about spending time together, having fun and creating memories. Whether you’re staying in and cosying up in front of a film or heading out to meet the reindeer, there’s something for everyone at Christmas. You don’t have to spend a fortune to enjoy your well-earned time off.

Look out for special offers in the local papers, and take advantage of free family-friendly activities. You can also have loads of fun at home. Get the arts and crafts supplies out or host a family film night.

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