Dressing For The Outdoors and Mountain Climbing!

Towards the end of the school holidays we are booked to spend a week in a cottage in Wales, we booked the same week last year, for the Lake District and the weather was quite good most days, although we did have a couple of very wet days.

Dressing for the outdoors in the Lake District

This year the older children are very keen to climb more mountains, i’m thinking a nice family affair and a gentle stroll if the weather is good, but if it looks like rain, it will be just the older ones and Asa. I don’t have a problem with weather, we crossed Striding edge in VERY cold weather (not for the faint hearted) but it’s not very fair (or safe) for the little ones. So I shall stay home and amuse them, whilst they tackle slightly harder climbs.

dressing for the outdoors for all weather situations

The older three and Asa all have warm, dry walking boots, but they will need to think about investing in some new trousers, I have seen some suitable ones for Asa and Lochlan in Chums, and the two girls will probably ‘acquire’ the four pairs I have sitting in my wardrobe (the joys of teens and mums being the same size). I am lucky that Asa has always been an outdoors person, in fact, his entire wardrobe consists of outdoor clothing, but for anyone who is considering country walks, fishing or golf this summer, this guide may help, and looking at it, i’m glad to see that we have all of the correct clothing for the Country walks!

dressing for the outdoors infographic

I am looking forward to our time in Wales, and hope that the weather is nice enough for us all to climb a mountain together, if not I shall be at the cottage, amusing the younger ones whilst the older children probably go and climb Snowdon .

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