Disneyland Paris Summer Vacation 2019 Planning Tips

April 16, 2019Mandi Morrison

Summer is an amazing time to experience Disneyland Paris. If you are planning a summer Disney vacation in France, you can get some good offers by booking early. That’s not the only reason to visit Disneyland Pari in the summer. More attractions tend to be open this time of year, so you won’t have to worry about missing out on your favorite ride. Another great thing about Disneyland Paris in summer is that you can enjoy the park in it’s natural magic without the use of seasonal overlays. Before you rush off to your magical vacation, here are some Disneyland Paris summer vacation tips you may find helpful.

Be prepared for the Weather

The weather in Summertime is usually fair. From June through August temperatures are generally very comfortable. Although the range is usually mild, you should still pay close attention to the weather as your travel dates approach. Pack clothes that will be comfortable if there is a tremendous spike in temperature, or if there happens to be showers predicted in the forecast.

Be prepared for the Crowds

Disneyland and the neighboring park, Walt Disney Studios are not particularly large. Since summer is a holiday for most families Disneyland Paris is a tremendously popular place to visit during the months of June, July, and August. That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the time there. It only means to expect a certain degree of difficulty getting around the park. The best thing to do is adjust your expectations and work on logistics prior to your vacation. You should also book your dining reservations as soon as possible.

Be Prepared to Park Hop

There may be things you want to do in Disneyland Paris that require you to be in two different parks. Walt Disney Studios has some popular attractions such as Ratatouille and Tower of Terror. You will need to have access to that park in order to ride them. You may also want to change things up mid day by going to the less popular park for a while, before heading back to Disneyland for the evening.

Plan Summer Attractions

If you get to Disneyland in early June, you can still catch the Marvel festivities at Walt Disney Studios. Meet Groot, Captain America, Spiderman and more. In July Festival of the Lion King officially opens for a fun celebration of Disney’s 32nd animated feature film which has been reimagined this year in live action.



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