Essential Disneyland Paris Dining Experiences to Enjoy

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No trip to Disneyland Paris is complete without a Disney dining experience or two. There are so many wonderful themed restaurants all around Disneyland Paris. No matter your budget or the type of dining you are looking for, Disneyland Paris has it.

From Toad Hall to Pizzeria Bella Notte find quick service with a fun Disney twist; or fantastic buffets in Agrabah or Crockett’s Tavern for as much as you can enjoy of your favourite cuisine. There are some essential Disneyland Paris dining experiences that everyone must do at least once for the perfect day at the park. Here are my favourites.

Essential Disneyland Paris Dining Experiences to Enjoy Walts American Diner

Walt’s American Restaurant

Walt’s American restaurant serves American food with an upscale flare inspired by Europe. It’s a Victorian style restaurant that fits in perfectly with the Main Street setting; and the decor is a fitting tribute to Walt Disney’s life and work. Walt’s nostalgic and inspirational table service restaurant is the essential Disneyland Paris experience and very important for any Disney history buff, or Walt Disney enthusiast.

Essential Disneyland Paris Dining Experiences to Enjoy Casey's Corner

Casey’s Corner

The Quintessential Main Street dining experience is the corner cafe known to grace the central plaza of Disney Parks around the globe. Casey’s is another corner quick service restaurant inspired by Casey at Bat, Walt Disney’s 1946 adaptation that spawned a similar diner in Magic Kingdom. This version is more charming and vintage looking for a home run quick service experience.

Essential Disneyland Paris Dining Experiences to Enjoy Character Dining at Disneyland Hotel

Character Dining at Disneyland Hotel

In general, it’s safe to say that any character meal will suffice as essential Disneyland Paris Dining. You will have a lot of opportunity and the experience relies on convenience as much as any other factor. However, If you can dine at the Disneyland Hotel The view of Main Street from Inventions cannot be beat. This character buffet is one of the best and a must do for Disneyland Hotel guests.

Essential Disneyland Paris Dining Experiences to Enjoy Annettes Diner in Disney Village

Dinner in Disney Village

Another must do essential Disneyland Paris dining experience is to have dinner in the Disney Village. This is a vibrant outdoor shopping mall with terrific themed restaurants, like Annette’s; This classic American diner is a blast to the past with 1950s theming, juke boxes and delicious malteds.

Essential Disneyland Paris Dining Experiences to Enjoy Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlour

Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor

Main Street USA is sort of a rite of passage for any Disneyland visitor. Which is why there are so many essential experiences here. Wherever your adventures take you, your starting point is always in this early 20th century, midwestern American town.

There is a romance and a nostalgia to it that perfectly primes you for the fantasy that lies ahead. One place that is particularly inspired is The Gibson Girl Ice cream Parlor. The perfect place to stop for a treat before you reach the many gateways in the central plaza.

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10 thoughts on “Essential Disneyland Paris Dining Experiences to Enjoy”

  1. We are thinking about going to DLP over the next year so this was a very useful read thank you! I think character dining is at the top of our list.

  2. I have never been To any sort of disney 🙁 All those places look like lovely fun places to eat, but I think I would be stuck in the huge ice cream parlour!

  3. We stayed at the Disneyland hotel in November and did inventions, it was great and the character interaction was awesome. Also really enjoyed Annette’s!

  4. This is all completely new to me, I’ve never been to any kind of Disney resort. This retaurants look great though.

  5. We went to Disney land last year, however we hadn’t booked any restaurants in advance and sadly all of the character dining was full, if we go again I will definitely book in advance. We did enjoy the buffet in Agrabah though, lots of great choice and no waiting.


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