Disneyland Paris Snacks that Top Our List of Favourites

Disneyland Paris may be one of the best places in the world for Disney fans to eat. Combining the famed cuisine of Paris and the uniquely themed and styled foods of Disney parks is definitely a highlight at this 30-year-old resort.

While the parks have some incredible dining, it’s often those snacks, treats and a la carte quick service menu items that you will not want to pass up. 

Nearly all of the Disneyland Paris restaurants contain beautiful and immersive themes.  Many of the best places are complete table-service restaurants. 

Some are even buffets.  However, most people are going to have different dining plans which will shape and reshape their experiences at the parks and hotels.

Despite these differences, virtually all guests converge over one thing: exclusive Disneyland Paris snacks.

Whether or not you budgeted for big splurge-worthy Prix Fixe dinners, character meals, and buffets, those snacks are bound to show up in your hands at some point during your trip. 

Disney Parks are known for their incredible snacks and Disneyland Paris snacks are no exception.  There is a huge variety of sweets and treats all around the resort. There are no wrong answers, but some are more popular than others.

The best thing to do when shopping for Disneyland Paris snacks is to look for those exclusive items that you can find only at Disneyland Paris parks and hotels. These five snacks top our list of favourites among these areas..

Exclusive Disneyland Paris Snacks

Hans Solo Shortbread

Confession: I love Star Wars. At least the Star Wars I grew up with. I’m not a huge Star Wars consumer, so most Star Wars products and merchandise aren’t going to end up in my shopping bag.

But I can appreciate a tasty snack that pays homage to some of the most memorable moments in the OT.

I’m talking of course about Han Solo’s capture by Boba Fett at the end of the Empire Strikes Back and his subsequent rescue at the beginning of Return of the Jedi.

Recalling the iconic image of Solo trapped in carbonite, this delicious and chocolatey shortbread cookie is almost too perfect to eat… almost.

As with most things Star Wars at Disneyland Paris, you can find this treat in Discoveryland. Just head over to Cool Station in the Raygun Gothic-inspired area just to the right of the entrance to Autopia.

Savannah Chicken Strips

Going to Adventureland for a snack is a no-brainer. You may get your fill of Barbecue in Frontierland, but nothing beats Adventureland for grab-and-go provisions.

There are a variety of places to eat in this expansive and mysterious land. Even fantastic buffets and the wonderfully atmospheric Captain Jack’s Restaurant.

No matter what though, you must drop into a quick service location or two to sample something sweet or savoury as you explore the rugged trails among the winding river. Cafe De La Brousse is a must.

You can get a variety of beverages and frozen treats, but the real draw here is the cone of bite-size chicken strips. These will sustain you through any expedition you end up on during your adventures.

This quick service location has lovely outdoor seating and a beautiful view, but the snack is so handy that it’s perfect for taking with you as you explore the island and other pockets of this lush and vibrant land.

Groot Bread

As you enter the movieland through the soundstage entrance to Walt Disney Studios Park, you’ll come across Hep Cat Corner.

Few things blend Walt Disney’s America with Parisian culture like jazz and that is one reason why you will want to slow down and appreciate this swingin’ snack shack before you even really get out into the park.

It’s also a good place for a midday rest since it’s an indoor spot right in the middle of all the action. This is a good stop for a coffee and a donut, but one irresistible snack you’ll just have to indulge in is a sweet or savoury Groot shaped bread.

The bread or shortbread option may depend on what beverage you pair it with, but I enjoy the savoury snack since there are so many other sugary options elsewhere in the park.

You can find more Marvel-inspired foods at Stark Factory, Pym Kitchen and even Super Diner, yet Hep Cat Corner remains the only place to enjoy this Guardian of the Galaxy in bread form.

If you have kids and you can do a good Vin Diesel you can make it say “I am food” for an easy laugh.

A Crumbly Apple Strudel

Disneyland Paris is so proud of this strudel they go the extra mile to let you know that it is crumbly.

The bavarian specialty is just one of the many regionally inspired treats around Fantasyland, but it’s worth stopping in for even if you don’t plan to sit down to a full meal at Au Chalet de la Marionnette.

You’ll find this exclusive Disneyland Paris snack on the a la carte menu and it’s a really good excuse to stop and rest for a bit among the fairy tale surroundings within the Castle Courtyard at the heart of Fantasyland.

Keep this location in mind as you tour the dining options. You may like to grab a snack here either before or after a visit to Toad Hall for traditional Fish and Chips.

Garlic Butter Bread

On the outskirts of Fantasyland you’ll find a nod to another famed Disney film Lady and the Tramp. At Pizzeria Bella Notte, you can enjoy a quick-service Italian restaurant that pays homage to that romantic scene where the two lovestruck pups share a plate of spaghetti and meatballs.

You can order this dish as well as a variety of others, but the real reason to come pay your respects is to enjoy the lovely architecture and to grab a quick bite to go. The Garlic Butter bread is a delicious choice.

As an inexpensive treat, it gives you a sense of the Italian inspiration for this forgotten corner of Fantasyland, without settling for fast food pizza or pasta. If however, you did decide to stay for a Mickey-shaped pizza, I couldn’t blame you there either.

Not To Be Missed Disney Snacks

The five listed above are exclusive to Disneyland Paris, but if you are a Disney Fan that has visited other resorts you may be looking for a few that you’ve tried before, so these are five that we love too.

Candy Apples

The candy apples at Disneyland Paris are some of the most popular snacks you will find.  They are everywhere and so tempting.  By the end of the day, you will most definitely have one. 

While candy apples at other Disney Parks can come fully loaded and a little over the top, the Disneyland Paris candy apples like to keep it simple and true to the snack’s initial appeal.

Mickey Buns

These baked rolls are really good.  They are shaped like Mickey, which is important.  How it tastes is also a factor, but you should make it a goal at Disneyland Paris to at least eat one mickey shaped treat every day. 

These tasty buns filled with Nutella are also found in many places around the park, so be sure to stop and have one sometime during your day.

Crepe with Nutella

Another delicious Nutella filled treat is the crepe you can get from the carts in Fantasyland and Discoveryland.  It’s also found at carts in Walt Disney Studios Park. 

If you don’t want the Nutella, these Disneyland Paris snacks also come with just sugar.  Either way you can’t really go wrong.  These delicious treats are so popular, you will find them popping up in restaurants at the resorts as well.  For example, Sequoia Lodge has them at Hunter’s Grill.


At Disney Parks the world over, there are few snacks more famous than the churro.  If you go to Adventureland you can order a bag of cinnamon sugary churros at Fuente Del Oro. 

This Mexican counter service restaurant is full of vibrant cultural flare that mirrors the world of Pixar’s Coco.  The churros there are a go-to item and a great value for Disneyland Paris snacks.


Disneyland Paris Snacks

French Fries are possibly the most prominent snack in Disneyland Paris, and yet many people aren’t even aware that they can order them as a snack.  While they come as a side to almost everything, you also have the option to simply order the fries on their own. 

Sometimes, that’s all you really want.  It’s worthwhile to note that it works the other way as well.  If you don’t want the fries, you can get your entree without them and save a little bit of money for one of these other Disneyland Paris snacks.

These are ten of our favourites, but there are a lot of sweet treats out there that we love as well, not to mention all the candy you can pick out at the Candy Palace.  What are your favourite Disneyland Paris Snacks.  Share them in the comments below and let us know how these treats rank on your favourites list.

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