The Traveler’s Dental Emergency Kit: Be Prepared for Oral Mishaps Abroad

Now that summer’s in full swing, it’s safe to say travels are somewhat due. Whether you have your itinerary set up for international travels or domestic vacations, preparation is the one thing to start with.

In all fairness, no matter how seriously we take preparation, surprises can happen, and things might sometimes not go as planned. One of those unpleasant surprises that take us aback is dental issues. A chipped tooth or a toothache can seriously mess up our vacation and drain the budget, and have you searching for an emergency dentist Edinburgh or local to where you live

Stay with us as we walk you through the importance of dental health during travel, and what you’d need to consider taking as part of your dental emergency kit.

The Importance of Dental Health During Travel

Forgetting how important dental health is when we travel is fairly easy, simply because we’re preoccupied with other essentials like travel insurance, budget, transportation, etc.

However, dental and oral issues can easily turn a dreamy vacation into a nightmare, so it’s super important that we prioritize dental health.

Imagine suddenly experiencing an excruciating toothache, and you don’t have anywhere to turn.

Then, you remember you forgot to visit your dentist before you went on your trip! That could have saved you the headache (and toothache) from worrying about your tooth, budget, and peace of mind.

Common Oral Mishaps Faced by Travelers

Traveling is all fun and games until it’s not. One of the mishaps that ruin a vacation is tooth issues. Travelers are most commonly faced with cavities, gum disease, cracked or broken teeth, and the most unbearable of them all – toothache. 

Some of the reasons leading to oral accidents are neglected oral hygiene, too much sugar intake, and irregular brushing and flossing. All of these circumstances can happen during traveling, and it’s fairly easy to forget our oral priorities while we’re basically enjoying life.

Additionally, one of the lesser-known causes of dental issues is dehydration. A dry mouth can lead to bacteria growth, which, in turn, causes gum and tooth issues.

The Need for a Traveler’s Dental Emergency Kit

As you would probably not leave for your trip without a first aid kit, you should not do so without a dental emergency kit. In general, a traveler’s dental emergency kit holds all the basic and necessary products to help you (successfully) deal with a toothache, the loss of a filling, crown, or cap, a fracture of the tooth, and gum irritation issues.

In case of a dental emergency with no dentist nearby, a dental emergency kit is a real lifesaver. Would you rather spend your vacation or business trip worrying about how to relieve a mind-numbing toothache, or would you rather have the issue fixed so you can enjoy your trip as you should? 

Essentials for the Traveler’s Dental Emergency Kit

The more, the merrier, or in this case, the more products you have in your dental emergency kit, the better you’ll cope with the issue. This will provide some peace of mind until you go back home and have a professional look at the issue.

Let’s go over the must-haves in a dental emergency kit from the inevitable essentials (toothpaste, dental floss, and a toothbrush) to more advanced dental solutions.

Toothbrush, Toothpaste, and Dental Floss

It goes without saying that your toothbrush, toothpaste, and dental floss are the pillars of a standard dental hygiene routine. Whether your preferred toothpaste is rich in fluoride or an activated charcoal-based one, it’s important to keep using it while traveling, the same way you use it at home. Don’t skip brushing or flossing — two minutes of brushing can save you hours of worrying.

Teeth Whitening Solutions

If you’re dedicated to keeping your teeth healthy and white, you probably use certain teeth whitening solutions, and that’s great. When traveling, NatruSmile teeth whitening kits are the way to go. These compact kits won’t take up much space in your luggage and offer you peace of mind knowing your teeth will stay shiny and white, even on the go.

Mouthwash and Oral Antiseptic Solution

A good traveler’s dental emergency kit shouldn’t be without a mouthwash and an oral antiseptic. Mouthwash helps with common gum disease, which is one of the common oral mishaps travelers face. On the other hand, an oral antiseptic containing chlorhexidine helps disinfect the oral cavity and prevent the replication of germs, causing mouth infections, ulcers, and gum disease.

Pain Relief Medication

To deal with a toothache while traveling, over-the-counter pain relief medication can help you soothe the discomfort. Since toothache is caused by inflammation to the tooth, medications like ibuprofen, Advil, and alike work toward lessening the inflammation. 

Tweezers and Cotton Balls

If you’re wondering why you might need tweezers for dental issues, the answer is simple: to take out pieces of a chipped tooth. Instead of using your fingers (and risk contaminating your mouth), you can use a pair of tweezers to take out tooth chips and use cotton balls to stop bleeding gums.

Dental Mirror and Flashlight

A solid dental emergency kit contains a dental mirror and a flashlight in case you need to inspect your teeth. The flashlight will help you illuminate your mouth cavity, while the mirror lets you see parts of your teeth you’d normally not see.

Temporary Dental Filling Material

In case your tooth breaks while traveling and you experience an unpleasant tangling in your mouth, dental emergency kits come equipped with temporary dental fillings. These special fillings blend with the tooth, react to moisture, and deliver a sense of relief to the disturbed tooth nerve.

Dental Wax and Gum-Numbing Gel

Dental wax can save the day if a dental emergency arises while enjoying your trip. The main use of this type of wax is to shield the sensitive areas in your mouth, like your gums, the inside of your cheeks, and the lips. On the other hand, a gum-numbing gel delivers effective relief against severe toothache and unnerving gum sensitivity.

Wrapping Up: Being Prepared for Dental Emergencies

Is it safe to say all of us dread dental-related hiccups while traveling? It probably is. Luckily, we can stay ahead of the curve and be prepared to tackle common dental issues like toothache, gum sensitivity, chipped teeth, etc.

Dental emergency kits contain the basics (and some advanced solutions) for treating dental issues. With teeth-whitening solutions, cotton balls, tweezers, and much more, compact dental emergency kits are the one that travelers should not be without.

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